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Antarctica is the southernmost continent on Earth, and also the coldest. Antarctic life is harsh, and few permanent human settlements exist there. Only animals extremely well adapted to the cold can survive in Antarctica.

Antarctica was discovered in 1820 by Russian Explorers. Sporadic expeditions to the continent continued; with the South Pole being reached in 1911.

Red Alert universe[]

Yuri's Final Stronghold[]

Main article: Brain Dead

During the Psychic Dominator Disaster, Yuri made his final stand against a joint strike by both Soviet and Allied forces at a base on this southernmost continent. With the base was a powerful Psychic Dominator which he planned to use to great effect.

However, with their combined efforts, the Allied+Soviet coalition eventually laid waste to his forces there and Yuri Prime was captured by the Allied forces, who imprisoned him within a special chamber that stripped him of his psychic powers. The wreckage of this great battle likely remains here to this day, assuming no further alterations of the timeline were made.

The battle was erased from time following Anatoly Cherdenko's alteration with the timeline.