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The Anthrax Bomb is one of the GLA's most dangerous weapons. It is also highly expensive, and only highly experienced commanders are authorized to use it. The bomb is deployed by air, using one of the few transport aircraft that the GLA has at its disposal. The bomb would explode before reaching the ground, spreading lethal toxins and corrosive agents over a wide area. While causing little damage to buildings, this mix is extremely lethal to infantry. It is also effective against vehicles, especially lightly armored ones, such as construction dozers

The payload of the bomb would be Anthrax Beta, even if the upgrade is not purchased. Though Dr. Thrax can further upgrade the bomb with Anthrax Gamma.

When used by Dr. Thrax in conjunction with Anthrax Gamma, the damage the Anthrax Bomb was capable of doing was only surpassed by a very few weapons, notably the faction super weapons. All infantry would be killed instantly, and due to the incredibly large blast radius, almost all vehicles caught in the blast will eventually turn to slag. Even the mighty Overlord has a very slim chance of surviving if caught in a cramped base or at ground zero of the blast. The substance would also eat away at structures, weakening them and possibly destroying them.

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