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The anti-personnel minelayer is a Soviet support unit used during the Second World War.


Due to the Allies' extensive use of infantry raids, the Soviets developed the anti-personnel minelayer. This vehicle could place small mines at positions where the Soviets predicted that the Allies were likely to move their troops as back doors to Soviet bases. The minelayer itself was armoured enough to take a beating, but was light enough to reach respectable speeds. It could carry five mines at once and could refill at a service depot for free. A single mine could kill any infantry unit except Volkov and Chitzkoi. A minelayer may crush infantry under its treads, but otherwise possesses no real armaments.

The mine design is a small designed "bom ball" with a detection wire spread planted around its body. It is equipped with the latest anti-tamper device and will not be detonated easily if nearby mines exploded. It will seriously injure or kill infantry but cannot seriously damage armoured vehicles.

Mines laid in ore fields cannot be destroyed just by regular force-attacking. To do so, move a heavily-armored vehicle (preferrably an Ore truck) next to a mine, and order a Grenadier to force-attack the vehicle. The explosion will destroy the mine by splash damage and cause only a little damage to the vehicle.

The Minelayer is not used anymore after the war.

In-game unit

The Soviet use APC-based design for their minelayer. The mines packed less explosives than the Allied anti-tank counterpart, but it can detect and target both infantry and vehicles that run over it. The Soviet army was trained to recognize their deployed mines and would avoid them. For a single sortie, a minelayer for both sides can be loaded to a maximum of 5 mines.

To deploy a mine, the vehicle must move to the desired area and must be double-clicked. A "crunch" sound will be heard once the deployment is complete.



  • Reasonably cheap ($800).
  • Fast and maneuverable
  • Their mines are invisible to enemies.
  • If a Anti-personnel minelayer places mines on a beach, a Transport cannot unload troops.
  • The mines kill all infantry in one shot.


  • Unarmed
  • Can only lay five mines before returning to the service depot to reload
  • Heavy vehicles are only very slightly affected by anti-personnel mines. Nevertheless, the sound when a mine is struck can be an alarm to the player that enemy armors are approaching.


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