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The anti-tank minelayer was an Allied support unit used during the Second World War.

In-game unit

The minelayer itself is armored enough to take a beating, but is light enough to reach respectable speeds. It can carry five mines at once and can refill at a Service depot for free. Mines are very dangerous and powerful and one badly damages a heavy tank, destroys a V2 rocket launcher and does moderate damage to a Mammoth tank. It can also be used to plant mines in enemy ore fields to destroy or damage enemy Ore trucks.

To deploy a mine, the vehicle must move to the desired area and must be double-clicked. A "crunch" sound will be heard once the deployment is complete.

Mines laid in ore fields cannot be destroyed just by regular force-attacking. To do so, move an infantry unit onto a mine, and order a Light tank, Medium tank or Rocket soldier to force-attack the unit. The shot will destroy the mine and cause only a little damage to the infantry.

The minelayer is not used anymore after the war.



  • Reasonably cheap ($800).
  • Fast and maneuverable
  • Their mines are invisible to enemies.
  • The mines are effective tank killers
  • Useful on destroying enemy ore trucks.


  • Unarmed
  • Can only lay five mines before returning to the service depot to reload
  • Infantry are not affected by its mines


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