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Anti-Tank Minelayer
Internal name MNLY
Affiliation RAR Allies Logo.png Allied Forces
Role Support
Armament Anti-tank mines (x5)
Tier 2
Tech level 2
Hit points 100
Cost $800
Produced by War factory
Requires Service depot
Speed 9
Sight range 5
Abilities Mine deployment

The anti-tank minelayer was an Allied support unit used during the Second World War.

Game unit

The minelayer itself is armored enough to take a beating, but is light enough to reach respectable speeds. It can carry five mines at once and can refill at a Service depot for free. Mines are very dangerous and powerful and one badly damages a heavy tank, destroys a V2 rocket launcher and does moderate damage to a Mammoth tank. It can also be used to plant mines in enemy ore fields to destroy or damage enemy Ore trucks. Infantry are not effected by the mines.

To deploy a mine, the vehicle must move to the desired area and must be double-clicked. A "crunch" sound will be heard once the deployment is complete.

The minelayer is not used anymore after the war.

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