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Anytown, Amerika is a 2-4 player skirmish map for Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge.


Game map[]

As its name implies, Anytown, Amerika's design is inspired by the most generic/cliche of American towns. The map consists of several areas:

  • Desert (northwest)
  • Plains (far north)
  • Swamp and backwoods trailer park (north)
  • Farmland (northeast)
  • Gated community and upper-class residential (east)
  • Urban highrise and office complexes (southeast)
  • Lagoon (south)
  • Commercial (southwest)
  • Dense urban
  • Forest with camping grounds, small recreational park, cemetery (center)


  • Having only four ore and gem fields, resources can/will quickly become scarce in battles with more than two players.

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