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For other Apaches, see Apache.

The Apache (attack helicopter outside the cameo) was the primary attack helicopter of the Brotherhood of Nod during the First Tiberium War.

Due to possible legal reasons over the Apache name owned by Boeing Defense, Space & Security, the unit is no longer referred to as "Apache" anywhere in Command & Conquer: Remastered. References to Apache are kept on this wiki.


Fast and maneuverable, the Apache performs well as a quick response unit, providing fire support to ground units, and providing harassing fire on enemy units that may be unreachable by ground forces.

The Apache is outclassed by its GDI counterpart, the ORCA Assault Craft, and was eventually phased out of service, being replaced during the Second Tiberium War by the next-generation rotary wing aircraft, codenamed the Harpy.

Game unit

The Apache uses a powerful chaingun as a primary weapon, and is highly effective against infantry or light vehicles, however its effectiveness is limited against armor and buildings. Further, Apaches do not have sufficient armor to survive prolonged anti-aircraft fire, and as such assaults on bases or units with anti-air defenses will often result in heavy losses, necessitating careful battlefield deployments.

In single player missions, the Helipad, and hence the Apache, cannot normally be built by the player, though in the Covert Operations mission Deceit the player is given an irreplaceable Helipad from which additional Apaches can be built. However, a bug means that if the player captures a GDI Construction Yard, Helipads can be built even if that Construction Yard is sold after capture. Any Helipads built with either Construction Yard will come with an Apache and allow more to be built.

In skirmish and online multiplayer, Nod can build both the Helipad and the Apache without capturing a GDI Construction Yard.



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An Apache destroying a SIDAM

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