After the Psychic Dominator Disaster, The Soviets have redesigned their premier assault vehicle, the Apocalypse Tank.

Game Unit

It has very similar design as the previous version except the colour scheme is different, and it is more mobile at the price of very bulky armor. It has 2 barrels that are effective against all units except air units. The Apocalypse was first used in "Gapping the Bridge " to destroy enemy units, helping Natasha steal data. Almost all Apocalypses were destroyed in "Last Stand" while trying to defend the Time Machine. They were also used to defend the 2nd Time Machine. Several were also destroyed by the Weather Storms.


The Soviets evaluated their Apocalypse Tanks after the Third World War. Although they were powerful in the battlefield, they were too slow to chatch up with Allies' tanks. Engineers decided to remove some armor for better mobility and change its paint scheme. Soon, Apocalypse Tanks were found in every Soviet base.

Outcome and Fate

Almost all Apocalypses were obliterated while defending one of the Time Machines. Also a lot were destroyed while defending the other Time Machine. After Cherdenko's Trip to 1927, the Apocalypse Tanks were retrofitted with grinders to destroy anything in its way, be it a tank or infantry unit.

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