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Cowardly dogs! They cannot even lose with honour! We will show them!
- Rebel

Appropriate Poisons is the fifth mission in the GLA campaign of Command & Conquer: Generals.


Despite the GLA victory in Adana, reports from the Aral Sea indicated that the Americans established a base and secured the region's Toxin Bunkers. As the GLA arsenal relied heavily on toxic weaponry, it was necessary for them to recapture the bunkers if they wanted to fight a war against the US and China. The GLA already had an established base of operations, but the first attempt to take control of a Toxin bunker led to a toxic spill, killing the GLA attack force, thanks to US commando, Colonel Burton exploding the bunker with a Demo charge.

Wait, get back! The Americans set a bomb! (BOOM!!)
- Rocket Buggy

Key units[]


The main objective was to capture four bunkers and protect them from American attacks. The secondary objective was to eliminate the American presence.

Capturing Four Bunkers[]

The chemical bunkers were old and fragile, and could be easily destroyed if left unprotected. The GLA left the operation to be headed by a Commander who previously demonstrated that US air power was not such a winnable tactic. Taking over the local GLA cell in the Aral Sea, the Commander immediately prepared the base defenses and scouted the surrounding area. Jarmen Kell himself, did what he tried his best to do and took out some lone US patrols. The GLA presence was soon detected by three American Humvees, acting as scouts. Jarmen Kell sniped as many troops and vehicles as possible, while the Americans made constant attacks on the GLA positions. These attacks were repulsed each time, but with rising casualties on both sides.

Eventually, Jarmen Kell and some disguised Bomb trucks came across the Toxin Bunkers in some distance north of the GLA base, which were lightly defended by US troops and Crusaders. The GLA sent two armies to take out the American defenders, while Rebels went ahead and captured four of the chemical bunkers. The GLA captured more bunkers than were necessary, just in case a bunker was destroyed by the Americans.

Destroying the US Base[]

Noting that the US base was on an island, the GLA quickly moved in more and more of their forces to block the only two access bridges in and out of the island. Unfortunately, the Americans had a Particle Cannon somewhere on the island. Not wanting to risk the superweapon destroying the chemical bunkers, the GLA hastily moved in and assaulted the US base from both of the bridges. One of the teams located the Particle Cannon and quickly destroyed it before it could fire, while the other force took out the US Strategy Center that was bombarding the GLA. Surrounded, outnumbered and with the US base destroyed, the surviving American forces surrendered to the GLA. However, Colonel Burton managed to escape from the Aral Sea.


The capitulation of the Americans at the Aral Sea meant that the region's remaining Toxin Bunkers were now in the hands of the GLA. The terrorist organisation had become too powerful for the Americans to handle alone. In response to this, China moved in quietly to instigate splinter cells and incite a power struggle within the GLA.


Laying siege to the base will be difficult. The AI has lots of Patriots for defense and by the time you build up your forces, their Particle Cannon will be ready any moment.

A conventional strategy would involve building some Workers, then Palaces and a Barracks to aid in defense. They'll deal with armor and Quad Cannons can be used to kill off infantry (especially Pathfinders)/Tomahawks. As you slowly lay siege to the bridges leading to the AI's base, Toxin Tractors will help clearing out garrisoned structures and the Rocket Buggies can kill off Patriots. Remember to protect your siege units with Scorpions, and check back often at your own base. Once you rush in Quad Cannons can take out Comanches while Scorpions deal with Armor. Be prepared for a last ditch assault when you take out the AI's unit production structures. Once this is all over, simply take over 4 of the Toxin Bunkers.

A very fast way to clear the mission is to launch a Rebel Ambush straight into the enemy base after purchasing the Capture Building ability from the Barracks. Take over the War Factory, purchase the TOW Missile upgrade and spam Humvees (since you can't get Quad Cannons inside the base this early to fend off Comanches). Remember to capture all Cold Fusion Reactors as well to shut down all Patriots, then seize the Command Center and a Supply Center. This will allow you to build Air Fields, and consequently Comanches. Missile Defenders and Humvees are the only things that can hit them, so they will be mostly safe in this mission. The USA resources at your disposal are more than enough to wipe out all enemy units.


  • In reality, there is (or was) an island, called Vozrozhdeniya, located in the Aral Sea, where a bioweapons laboratory and storage was present during the Cold War.
  • Interestingly, in reality the Aral Sea is nearly dried up. This also resulted the island of Vozrozdeniya to have a land bridge to the mainland (where it was no longer classified as an island as a result). However in the game it appears that the sea is reflooded.
  • The player has to complete two objectives simultaneously, which is to destroy every American units (including non-combat Ambulance) and capture four bunkers. Kanwar Khan will tell the player to do the objectives unfinished by the player if the player finished either one of the objectives. He will use different voice lines when the player is able to capture the bunkers or wipe out the Americans.
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