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Our bows are drawn as foes draw near.
- Archer Maiden creed

Archer Maidens are Imperial anti-aircraft and anti-surface infantry introduced in Uprising.


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An all-female division of Imperial infantry, the archer maidens were women who lost family and loved ones in the war and were rejected by the elite Rocket Angels.

They were armed with greatbows that fire energy arrows capable of bringing down enemy aircraft, and were also effective against infantry and light vehicles. They could also fire specially-charged arrows that split up into a rain of shrapnels mid-air, which were especially effective against clusters of infantry.

A deceptively traditional-looking weapon, the Greatbow fires guided armor-piercing projectiles, effective against infantry, aircraft, and light vehicles. They can also fire specially-charged arrows, capable of splitting into a rain of shrapnel, which can be deadly against clusters of enemy infantry.

Game unit

The Archer Maiden is a surprisingly powerful addition to the Imperial Arsenal, capable of both taking down aircraft and engaging infantry. Like all infantry units, they are still vulnerable against armoured vehicles, and dedicated anti-infantry weapons. To address this weakness they are usually deployed with other types of infantry such as the Imperial Warrior . They are most effective in squads of five, especially when used against aircraft such as the Apollo Fighter and the Vindicator. However, heavier aircraft such as the Harbinger Gunship can easily mow them down, uniting many of the Archers with their loved ones swiftly.

Against infantry, they deal more damage per shot than an Imperial Warrior. The Piercing Barrage is most effective against massed infantry formations. Reconnaissance recovered from Imperial archives indicates that they may be able to destroy lightly armoured buildings, such as Allied Power plant using this ability. This measure is ill-advised since Archers Maidens were not trained to be used as siege units.




  • Archer, ready for battle!
  • My bow is yours!


  • Archer maiden!
  • Ready!
  • We will defend the way!
  • Yes?
  • What is required?
  • I stand ready!
  • We must not tarry!
  • Ninja archer!


  • Advance!
  • Forward!
  • On the move!
  • With haste!
  • A clear path!
  • I go!
  • I understand!
  • With caution!

Garrisoning Structure

  • Entering!
  • We will fight from there!
  • Take cover in there!


  • That one, yes!
  • Attack!
  • Full draw!
  • More of them!
  • On target!
  • He's marked!

Use Barrage Shot

  • Arrow Volley!
  • Bring down the Heavens!
  • Launch the barrage!
  • Rain down upon them!

Move to Attack

  • Trained on the enemy!
  • Closing in!
  • Getting in range!
  • In full view!
  • Swiftly!
  • Have them in sight!
  • Invaders!
  • To the enemy!

In combat

  • They fall!
  • And another!
  • I see them!
  • With patience!
  • We stand and fight!
  • They will fall!

Under fire

  • I'm wounded!
  • They've cut me!
  • They have attacked!
  • Their attack won't scare me!



Surveillance footage

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