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Are You Experienced is a side challenge for the Commander's Challenge.

Douglas Hill returns again with a naval battle up his sleeves. With the Multigunner IFV secured for FutureTech, the Futuretech Commander came to the same conclusion. Douglas says this battle is on water and the player must think of what type of naval unit can he use. Most of all, he got the Akula from Belova's forces or the Sea-Wing from two missions ago. These two are his only chance to defeat the enemy, but to the ones not chosen as an unlocked tech can support the Commander.


The Futuretech Commander is sent to Canada to bring the Assault Destroyer from Douglas Hill back to the Netherlands for testing out. The Commander took the price of building some units ready for battle and defeats Douglas Hill on the other side of the platform. The Assault Destroyer was taken from him and is sent back to Amsterdam for vital research. The Commander is then sent to the United States of America to defeat Oleg Vodnik and bring the War Bear back to FutureTech so that research can be vital to them.


Special feature: Both commanders have three Veteran Academy.

Best faction: Empire of the Rising Sun. then Allied, last is Soviet.

Action: Since all of your troop are heroic at the beginning, your anti-tank troops would be very effective vs infantry as well, but so would your enemy's. If you play as the Empire, use a dojo rush (4x Dojo, create Tankbusters near enemy's base), if you play as the other two factions, move your MCV near Hill's base, build 2 barracks. Use your MCV to buy you some time (crush the enemy infantry), then fall back and sell your MCV. Note that building 10x anti-infantry infantry, and anti-armor infantry only in two of the barracks is a good tactic to get a very strong army early on.

Side note: Try to defeat Douglas quickly because he will try to destroy your academies first and then crush your base with an unbeatable force. PLAYING SLOW WILL NEVER DO THE TRICK.

Red Alert 3 and Uprising missions