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The armor facility is the Allies' vehicle production structure in Red Alert 3 and Uprising.


Being an alliance formed from many independent countries, the Allied arsenal is drawn from many nations which have their own standards and technologies. In response, many Allied buildings are designed to cater to these specialized requirements. One example of this is the Armor facility.

Like most Allied production structures, Armor Facilities make use of Standardised Production Automated Manufacturing (SPAM) Modules to assemble a wide variety of military vehicles from a single universal component. They come with external secured storage areas for storage and transport purposes, connected with an overhead elevator. These structures are also equipped with repair drones, which automatically repair any damaged vehicles nearby.

By receiving encrypted signals from the Virtually Operated Industrial Production (VOIP) system of a nearby Construction Yard or Command Hub, Armor Facilities are able to produce more advanced Allied vehicles.


The Armor Facility can be used to aid in vehicular base defense, as it will repair vehicles nearby even as they take damage. As a result, it's a useful tactic to place it near the "forward" edge of your base. Armor Facilities are responsible for MCV production, making them a big target for "disabling" a base once construction buildings have been eliminated. As such, they should alternatively be defended well, to allow recovery in the case of MCV loss.

Produced vehicle

Icon Unit Requirements Cost Build time
RA3 Prospector Icons Prospector none 1000 0:20
RA3 Riptide ACV Icons Riptide ACV none 750 0:10
RA3 Multigunner IFV Icons Multigunner IFV none 800 0:10
RA3 Guardian Tank Icons Guardian tank Heightened Clearance 950 0:10
RA3 Athena Cannon Icons Athena cannon Max Clearance 1400 0:20
RA3 Mirage Tank Icons Mirage tank Max Clearance 1600 0:15
RA3U Pacifier FAV Icons Pacifier FAV
(Uprising only)
Heightened Clearance, Defense bureau 2000 0:20
RA3U FutureTank X-1 Icons Future Tank X-1
(Uprising only)
Max Clearance, Defense bureau 3000 0:30
RA3 Allied MCV Icons MCV none 5000 1:00


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