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Armored Assault is the third mission of Renegade. It was a GDI operation to locate three top Tiberium research scientists that had been kidnapped by the Black Hand.[1]


After arriving back on Locke's helicarrier, he was arrested by the GDI military police. He was released after a few hours, and Locke warned him not to disobey orders again. Captain Parker's next mission was to find three GDI Tiberium scientists - Dr. Ignatio Mobius, his daughter Sydney, and Dr. Elena Petrova. Locke identified Nod mercenary Carlos Mendoza, General Gideon Raveshaw, and Sakura Obata in a video showing the Black Hand capturing the scientists. Locke told Havoc that there would not be any "conflict of interest". Havoc replied that he had "interest in conflict", and departed.

Havoc was inserted by the side of a road near a Nod patrol, which was quickly dealt with by an Orca strike. A Transport Helicopter dropped off a Humvee, which he commandered. Locke informed him of a Nod checkpoint with a guard tower, a Helicopter Pad, and several Nod trucks. GDI armor was already attacking the Helicopter Pad, and Rocket Soldiers were dropped in to assist. Havoc killed all Nod forces, destroyed the Helipad, and secured the guard tower. GDI dropped him another Humvee, and Havoc continued into a tunnel, running over a few Nod soldiers along the way.

Havoc emerged on the other side of the tunnel, and helped secure two houses that GDI had been searching through for a Nod Officer calling for reinforcements. Continuing through another tunnel, Havoc came upon a GDI armored group that was fighting off Nod Light Tanks and Artillery. There was an empty Mammoth Tank nearby, which Havoc quickly took control of. He defeated the Nod vehicles and killed the Nod Officer in the final house in the area. Then, Havoc drove some more, this time in the Mammoth Tank. He was informed of a Nod convoy on the road up ahead, which was quickly taken care of. A SAM site in the area was also neutralized. GDI dropped a Medium Tank for him.

Havoc then secured a Nod-held ski resort, and took another Nod-held checkpoint with a SAM site. He then drove through a tunnel and secured a bridge flanked by SAM sites. A Medium Tank was dropped off by a Transport Helicopter. Havoc assisted GDI forces in securing a Nod hydroelectric dam. A Power Plant was destroyed, rendering the Obelisk in the area useless. Havoc entered a tunnel system through the dam's bay door, and reached a Tiberium meteor impact site. Eventually, he reached a Nod base. Havoc used his Sniper Rifle to observe General Raveshaw evacuate the scientists. He saw Sakura Obata, and attempted to kill Nod mercenary Carlos Mendoza when he touched Sakura, but he missed and killed a Nod Soldier instead. Havoc battled Mendoza until the latter fled from the area. The local Hand of Nod, Tiberium Silos, and Airstrip were destroyed, and Havoc commandeered a Cargo Plane and pursued the scientists.


Primary Objectives
Ren POG M02 1 01 Locate Missing Scientists
The civilian scientists are most likely being held in the nearby Nod base. Locate the missing scientists.
Ren POG M02 1 02 Disable Obelisk
The Obelisk is a deadly defense weapon, but it requires power to operate. If you cannot get inside to disable it, consider removing the power source.
Ren POG M02 1 03 Disable Dam Master Control Terminal
The Master Control Terminal inside the dam controls the large bay door on top. Disabling this terminal will not only open the door, it will prevent Nod from using this dam as a secondary power source.
Ren POG M02 1 04 Infiltrate Cargo Plane
Approach the Cargo Plane from the rear to pursue the scientists.
Secondary Objectives
Ren POG M02 2 02 Disable Helipad
Disable the Nod Helipad to reduce Apache encounters throughout this area. This will force them to refuel at another location.
Ren POG M02 2 03 Secure Guard Tower
This checkpoint is held by the Nod Guard Tower on top of the hill. Eliminate all enemy resistance and then secure the tower to allow the GDI assault to progress.
Ren POG M02 2 04 Secure First House
Nod occupies several of the houses in this area, and GDI needs to secure them all. Eliminate all enemies in the surrounding area and then enter the building to secure this objective.
Ren POG M02 2 05 Secure Second House
Another house occupied by Nod soldiers, potentially the location of the Nod Officer coordinating with Command for reinforcements. Eliminate all enemies in the surrounding area and then enter the house to secure this objective.
Ren POG M02 2 06 Secure Third House
This house is being used by an officer who is coordinating with Command for reinforcements. Eliminate the Nod Officer and all nearby reinforcements, then enter the house to secure this objective.
Ren POG M02 2 07 Secure Ski Resort
Nod is using this checkpoint to refuel their defensive line. Eliminate all enemy resistance and then secure the building front.
Ren POG M02 2 08 Disable First SAM Site
Disabling this SAM Site will improve local air superiority for GDI. Consider using C4 to destroy this emplacement.
Ren POG M02 2 09 Destroy Nod Convoy
The convoy trucks in this area are transporting supplies toward the battle front. Eliminate all three supply trucks to complete this objective.
Ren POG M02 2 10 Disable SAM Sites
Disabling the SAM Sites will improve local air superiority for GDI. Consider using C4 to destroy this emplacement.
Ren POG M02 2 13 Disable Power Plant
Power Plants provide energy for other Nod structures. Disabling this Power Plant will shut down the Obelisk. Assault the building from the interior, as it is being repaired by a Nod Engineer.
Ren POG M02 2 14 Destroy Tiberium Machine Alpha, Beta, and Gamma
Nod has three Tiberium research machines located throughout this cavern area. Destroy this machine to hamper Nod Tiberium research.
Ren POG M02 2 15 Acquire Mammoth Tank
GDI has airdropped a Mammoth Tank for your use. Acquire the Mammoth Tank and use it to your advantage.
Ren POG M02 2 01 Disable Hand of Nod
Disabling the Hand of Nod will dramatically hamper reinforcements for this area. Consider using an Ion Cannon Beacon if you have one.
Tertiary Objectives
Destroy Airstrip
Disabling of the Nod Airstrip has hampered the ability to fly in new vehicle reinforcements to the base area.
Destroy Tiberium Silos
Disabling the Nod Tiberium Silos has cut into Nod production capabilities, by reducing their funding.

New weapons[]


  • There is a chef in the Hand of Nod that is hostile to the player. Killing him will cause Locke to reprimand Havoc, however this does not occur when the player kills the chef in Stowaway.


Introduction cutscene
Commando difficulty walkthrough


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