Armored Personnel Carrier (Tiberian Dawn)

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For other uses, see armored personnel carrier.
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Armored Personnel Carrier

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TD APC Ingame.png

Internal name APC
Affiliation CNCR GDILogo.png Global Defense Initiative
CNCR NodLogo.png Brotherhood of Nod (campaign only)
Role Troop transport
Armament M60 machine gun
Tier 1
Tech level 4
Hit points 200
Transport slots 5 infantry
Cost $700
Produced by Weapons factory
Ground attack 15 (SA)
Cooldown 30
Speed 35
Attack range 4
Sight range 4

The armoured personnel carrier (or APC) is the primary troop transport vehicle used by GDI and in certain single-player scenarios by Nod in Tiberian Dawn.


Issued to GDI in the early stages of the First Tiberium War, the armored personnel carrier is a fully tracked armored vehicle designed for transporting soldiers through active warzones. Though lightly armed, the APC is durable and fast thanks to the alloys used for its armored plating, allowing it to penetrate enemy defensive lines and deliver its occupants where they are needed.

Game unit

The APC is a step up from the Humvee. Although it mounts the same machine gun, it is far more durable, just as fast, and is capable of crushing infantry. It gives GDI forces an effective counter to enemy infantry: The APC has to stop and turn in order to use its machine gun, but infantry can simply be ground beneath its armored tracks. In fact, some scenarios rely on effective use of APCs to nullify Nod's advantage in numbers.

Notably, while engineer rushes can be very effective, the APC is very vulnerable to Obelisk of Light, which can destroy it in two shots. Which is particularly unpleasant, as if an APC is destroyed, all of its occupants die.

Behind the scenes

  • The APC is modeled after the M113 APC.



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APC in action

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