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Armoured Automobile
Armoured Automobile in game.jpg
Affiliation TiberiumAlliances Forgotten.png Forgotten
Role Anti-infantry recon
Armament Raider cannon
Hit points 300
Armor type Light
Ground attack 40 (SA)
Cooldown 55
Speed 8
Attack range 4
Sight range 5

The armoured automobile was a reconnaissance vehicle used by the Forgotten during the Second Tiberium War, typically civilian cars that have been converted into ad hoc combat vehicles. They are equipped with heavier armour and a salvaged Nod raider cannon.

Game unit

Armoured automobiles are used by the Forgotten in the sixth Nod mission Sheep's Clothing.[1]


  1. Westwood Studios, Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun. Nod mission 6a: "Sheep's Clothing".
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