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I have many weapons for sale. Perhaps some home-built rockets for your tanks?
- An arms dealer in Black Rain
Gen1 Arms Dealer Icons

Through an arms dealer, the GLA could acquire and repair second-hand, stolen and/or improvised vehicles with which to attack their enemies during the War against the GLA.


Functioning identically to the war factories of the GLA's superpower rivals, an arms dealer could obtain/construct one vehicle at a time, with a commander able to order vehicles in advance (should he have the sufficient finances). Vehicle repairs could also be carried out here, and a single upgrade obtained. When the GLA has positive power, the arms dealer would produce units faster. Like all GLA buildings, it would leave a GLA Hole behind after being destroyed.

Upgrades available

ZH Fortified Structure Icons Fortified Structure Fortifies the arms dealer against enemy attacks. Purchasable at any Palace for a cost of $1000. Available in Zero Hour only.
ZH Camo Netting Icons Camo Netting Upgrades the arms dealer with camo netting, rendering it invisible to enemy forces until it is fired upon, or detected by detectors. Purchasable at the building for a cost of $500. Available to Prince Kassad only.

Units available

Icon Building Requirements Ability
CNCG Technical Cameo Technical none Transport 5 infantry
Salvage parts
Gen1 Radar Van Icons Radar van none Radar station
Radar Scan
Gen1 Toxin Tractor Icons Toxin tractor none Contaminate
Clear garrisoned buildings
Immune to toxin
Salvage parts (Zero Hour only)
Gen1 Scorpion Tank Icons Scorpion tank none Salvage parts (Zero Hour only)
Gen1 Quad Cannon Icons Quad cannon none Salvage parts
ZH Combat Cycle Icons Combat cycle
(Zero Hour only)
none Change rider
Climb cliffs
Gen1 Marauder Tank Icons Marauder tank General's Promotion Salvage parts
CNCGZH Battle Bus Cameo Battle bus
(Zero Hour only)

Transport 5 infantry
Salvage parts

Gen1 Rocket Buggy Icons Rocket buggy Palace none
Gen1 Bomb Truck Icons Bomb truck Palace Disguise as target vehicle
Gen1 Scud Launcher Icons Scud launcher Palace
General's Promotion
High Explosive Warhead
Anthrax Warhead
Salvage parts (Zero Hour only)

Unit upgrades available

Icon Upgrade Description
Gen1 Scorpion Rocket Icons Scorpion rocket Refits Scorpion tanks with anti-armour rockets.


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