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I have many weapons for sale. Perhaps some home-built rockets for your tanks?
- An arms dealer(src)

Through an arms dealer, the GLA could acquire and repair second-hand, stolen and/or improvised combat vehicles during the GLA Conflict.


Functioning identically to the war factories of the GLA's superpower rivals, an arms dealer could manufacture one vehicle at a time. As long as sufficient funds, multiple vehicle orders could be placed in advance and would be completed in the order they were placed. Vehicle repairs could also be carried out here, and a single upgrade obtained, and it could conduct repair and manufacturing duties simultaneously. Though it does not require base electricity the way Chinese and USA structures do, if the GLA has access to power through captured power plants, the arms dealer would produce units faster. Like all GLA buildings, it would leave a GLA Hole behind after being destroyed.

Game structure[]




Unit upgrades[]

Building upgrades[]



  • The cameo image shows a Technical without armaments, in-game however this is impossible to see as all Technicals are armed when trained.


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