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Arnnie Frankenfurter
RA2YR Arnnie Frankenfurter
Arnnie Frankenfurter, surrounded by initiates

Neutral, Allied aligned





Tech level


Hit points


Armour type


Ground attack
  • 125 (HollowPoint)
  • 125 (IFV) (HollowPoint3)
  • 300 (MG-901) (UltraAP) (Anti-building)




Attack range
Sight range



Campaign only

I'm ready to rumble!
- Arnnie

Arnnie Frankenfurter was an action film actor who joined the Allied fight against Yuri's Army during the second iteration of the Third World War.


Frankenfurter makes an appearance during Operation: Hollywood and Vain. He is one of the three Hollywood action hero parodies to make appearance in the game and can be controlled by the player to make a stand against Yuri's occupation.

Arnnie Frankenfurter is a parody of Arnold Schwarzenegger in his role as the T-800 in the Terminator franchise, with some of his lines also referring to his roles in Eraser, Total Recall, and Predator.

In-game unit

He is armed with a minigun, able to take on infantry and vehicles easily and to an extent, buildings and structures. Despite this, it would not be advised to use him to take on large groups of gattling tanks or garrisoned buildings. Frankenfurter's immunity to mind control makes him useful for combating Yuri Clones.

Selected quotes

Your orders, give them to me
- When selected
I'm pumped up
- When selected
Find me something to terminate
- When selected
I'm ready to rumble!
- When selected
Nice night for a walk
- When moving
- When moving
You're terminated!
- When ordered to attack
You've been erased!
- When ordered to attack
Let me pump you up
- When ordered to attack
It's judgement day!
- When ordered to attack
Take this girly man!
- When ordered to attack
We got company
- Under fire
Things are not good here
- Under fire
We are under attack
- Under fire
More predators
- Under fire
- Under fire
You can't control me
- After mind control attempt
I still have total recall
- After mind control attempt
My mind is my own
- After mind control attempt
Yuri sent these puny weaklings to feed me to his Grinder and give his men funds. Harness my rage, Commander, and show Yuri's girly men what it means to be powerful!
- When rescued by Allied Commander

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  • For unknown reasons, Arnnie and the other action hero parodies have had their unique dialogue and names removed by patch 1.001, with all of their quotes replaced by standard GI ones. In this version, Arnnie is called simply Hero.
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