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We kept firin', but the metallic <expletive> just kept on coming right at us, crawling over their own dead like it were nothing. Then, right when I knew we was about to be killed, right when those <expletive> had us up against the wall, one of those smart <expletive> engineers figured out a way to get the old Munich sonic emitter grid back online and then, BAM!, the damn emitter towers just started chewing up those invading <expletive> like a Visceroid gone rabid. It was a thing of <expletive> beauty...

Staff Sergeant Arnold P. Coddington, serving in 3rd Platoon's Charlie Company of the 76th Mechanised Infantry Division, was a GDI soldier fighting in Munich, Germany during the Third Tiberium War. He was one of the people involved in drawing GDI's attention to the effect sonic weaponry had on the Scrin invaders.[1]


Arnold P. Coddington is mentioned in the Intelligence Database.


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