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For other uses, see Artillery.

The mobile artillery is a three-axle, six-wheeled, heavy armored artillery system. It is Nod's primary artillery vehicle in Renegade.


During the First Tiberium War, a number of these artillery pieces were used by the Brotherhood of Nod.


This vehicle only appears in Renegade, replacing the 150mm M110 Howitzer Mobile Artillery. Unlike the M110, it has a rotating turret making it more effective than the M110 - which needed to face towards a target in order to shoot it.


The mobile artillery has moderate armor but is not meant for direct confrontations against enemy tanks. Its cannon is extremely deadly, with tremendous splash damage that can easily kill any infantry in 2-3 salvos. It is useful for attacking buildings and harassing harvesters.

They can also cause disorientation to the player's aim due to the screen shake caused by their shell impacts. This gives the mobile artillery the upper hand, proving that they can even be used as support vehicles to help take out GDI infantry or vehicles, as the enemies cannot fire as accurately due to the shaking.

The mobile artillery can be used as a guard to any back entrances or tunnels. If any GDI units were to come near, they would be blown to pieces by the artillery before they could even have a chance to shoot.


Taking out a mobile artillery can be very hard, considering its long range, devastating firepower, and wide impact radius. However, the mobile artillery has rather weak armour and is not very fast compared to other vehicles in Nod's arsenal.

A sneaky player with a ramjet rifle or a personal ion cannon can take out several unsuspecting artillery from behind.




  • The vehicle is likely inspired by the G6 Rhino, a South African mobile artillery vehicle developed during the late 1980s.

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