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Specter whitebg

The Nod Specter, an advanced stealth artillery from the Third Tiberium War.

Artillery is a long-range fire-support system, used to bombard static enemy positions and bases.

Second World War[]

V-2 Rocket Launcher 2

The V2 rocket launcher, a Soviet heavy artillery weapon used during the Second World War

In the years between the First and Second World War, many nations developed early self-propelled artillery weapons. This was usually done by simply mounting a howitzer on a modified tank chassis (often making use of obsolete tanks for this purpose), although some designs instead had purpose-built chassis. By the time war began, most Allied nations were fielding some form of self-propelled artillery, most commonly consisting of a 155mm howitzer mounted on a lightly armoured tracked chassis.

The Allied cruiser was a naval heavy artillery platform, with tremendous power and the range needed to destroy a base at extreme ranges.

The Soviet V2 rocket launcher was a rocket-based heavy artillery system, and was very useful for taking out Allied defenses far beyond their operational range.

Although not technically classified as such, the extreme range of the Soviet Tesla coil and Tesla tank could arguably be considered a form of artillery, from a certain perspective.

First Tiberium War[]

Artillery TW1

A common example of Nod artillery during the First Tiberium War. Its general appearance is very similar to the GWWII-era surplus from which it's derived.

During the First Tiberium War, most of Nod's artillery was comprised of a hastily-modernized collection of Second World War-era and post-war surplus, although Nod's more elite forces instead utilized more modern G6 howitzers. GDI used the longer-ranged MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System). Fortunately for the Brotherhood, all artillery, save M270 SSMs (which were Nod exclusive anyways), were vastly outranged by the Obelisk of Light, unless the artillery was used in a tactical role.

Second Tiberium War[]

Juggernaut 2030 01

Juggernauts were walking artillery platforms armed with three heavy guns, first used during the Firestorm Crisis.

By the Second Tiberium War, Nod advanced artillery looked like a platform for a massive cannon which was affixed at the back of the vehicle. Small outrigger legs were deployed before the cannon could be fired, balancing and stabilizing it against the recoil of the massive cannon. The turret could rotate so the whole vehicle didn't have to move, but the cannon could only be fired while the artillery was deployed.

An interesting concept for an artillery platform that first appeared during the Firestorm Conflict was the Juggernaut walker, which served as three-barreled fire support for GDI. As of the Third Tiberium War, Juggernaut Mk. III units were the only mechanized walkers still in use by GDI.

Third Tiberium War[]


The Beam Cannon was a light artillery platform used by Nod during the Third Tiberium War. It was armed with a long-range particle beam cannon.

In the Third Tiberium War, Nod utilized the fast, versatile beam cannon as a light artillery platform. It was fragile, but could be used in a variety of ways. Beam cannons could serve as extra capacitors for Nod Obelisks, have their weapons "borrowed" by Avatar Warmechs, and bounce their lasers off of Venom patrol craft. Nod also replaced their advanced artillery with the Specter, a newer design with onboard stealth systems that can bombard an area with the help of a Shadow team.

GDI continued to deploy and utilize their Juggernaut Mk. III which can bombard a spotted area with the help of a sniper team. The Behemoth was a predecessor to the Juggernaut Mk.III that included an infantry bunker.

The Scrin Devastator Warship could in some ways be considered an aerial artillery platform and a bomber.

Throughout all of the wars, most artillery platforms typically had the same problems. First, artillery is most effective against structures and infantry, and not very effective against heavily armored vehicles. This meant that unsupported artillery would be easy prey for heavy vehicles. Furthermore, most varieties of artillery are generally slow, which meant that escape was difficult if an enemy got up close. In the Third war the artillery like Juggernauts and Beam Cannons are stronger against vehicles that don't get to close.

Ascension Conflict[]

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