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The Artillery Barrage is a China General's Power in Generals and Zero Hour.

Game Effect[]

Fired from long range artillery that is stationed safely off the battlefield, the barrage launches a group of 12 artillery shells that deal splash damage to ground targets near the impact point. Each successive level increases the amount of spawned shells (12-24->36). The shells take approximately 30 seconds to traverse a large map and are dense enough that they are visible on the player's radar.

The shells cannot be intercepted, making them ideal for use against base defenses or to assist in the destruction of superweapons.



  • As with the Inferno Cannon, Artillery Barrage's icons all reference a real picture that depicts M198 155mm Howitzers. It was taken in 2000 by Captain Branden P. O'Brien during a USMC exercise at the Al Hamra Training Area in the UAE.

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