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Artillery training is a Chinese upgrade available in the general's promotion menu. Under its influence, Chinese generals can requisition more experienced crews for their Nuke cannons and Inferno cannons.

Game effect[]

Purchasable at the Chinese general's promotion menu, they are among the earliest accessible options (requiring only the automatically granted 1-star rank). With Artillery Training applied, all Nuke Cannons and Inferno Cannons will leave the War Factory with one rank. In addition to increasing their base stats, this also makes them far closer to elite (rank two), which confers self-healing.

China's Tank General, Ta Hun Kwai, preferred to use the brute force of armored divisions over artillery support, and as such did not have access to Artillery Training, supplanting it with special training of his basic armored forces.


  • This is the only "Training" promotion upgrade that affects more than one type of unit.

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