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We can't let this Sigma Harmonizer go online: you must stop them, or our future will be extinguished!
- Dasha talking to the Commander prior to the battle

As Time Stood Still is the fourth and final mission of the Soviet campaign in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - Uprising.[1]


Despite the controversies, FutureTech's Sigma Harmonizer is merely days away from completion. The Soviet resistance had gathered enough intelligence to deduce that the Sigma Harmonizer is in fact a powerful weapon, and that President Rupert Thornley intends to use it and destroy the Soviet Union once and for all. Dasha Fedorovich entrusts the mission to destroy the Sigma Harmonizer to the Soviet Commander. The future of the Soviet Union hinges on this battle.


Approaching the island[]

They don't know we are here... yet.
- Dasha

The mission starts when four Bullfrogs carrying troops dispatched to southerd end of Sigma Island. These Bullfrogs releases the troops inside it and make short work of FutureTech patrol in that area. Once the area is clear, the MCV is send to build the base.

FutureTech begin to test the Sigma Harmonizer, which freezes Soviet forces, that makes them vurnearble to its forces. However, they can't maintain its effect for long.

Destruction of the Future Tanks[]

You better hurry, Commander! Or else I'm gonna push the button and freeze your forces like a photograph. And then, I'll come after you.
- Rupert Thornley

Thornley then send FutureTech's deadly Future Tank X-1 into Soviet forces. While its proven to be a challenge, it isn't enough to defeat Soviet forces in the island. However, in order to stop the production of the deadly tank, they have to destroy its production facility in the island before approaching the Sigma Harmonizer. The production of those tanks are located within the island and guarded by FutureTech forces. Exacerbate the problem, is their air superiority, that restrict Soviet's air power in the area. Located on the northeast of the island, is the airbase that commander has to destroy in order to gain access to air assets. The Sigma Harmonizer continues to activate few times.

Fortunately, there is a way to relief some pressure from the Future Tank X-1, that is capturing its cooling towers. The commander attempt to capture these by its engineer. This causes those tanks to briefly shutdown and slows its production. Do note that FutureTech engineers will attempt to recapture the towers in order to normalize the production.

The Sigma Harmonizer[]

Despite hefty challenge the commander faces, they manage to destroy the Future Tank's production facilities. And now to destroy the Sigma Harmonizer itself.

Located on the northeast to the island, the Sigma Harmonizer control center, the very machine that attempted to decimate the future of Soviet Union, and who knows what else its capable of doing, is the main target - accompanied by a sizeable FutureTech forces, a Chronosphere, and a Proton Collider. The commander build a sizeable forces in order to take on Sigma Harmonizer. Despite stiff resistance, the Sigma Harmonizer has finally destroyed, ending its existential threat towards Soviet Union.


No! What have you done, you idiot! I could have created heaven on Earth! Now... now, I have nothing...
- Rupert Thornley

After the destruction of the Sigma Harmonizer, Rupert Thornley's ambition was revealed to the whole world, foiling his plans to eradicate the Soviet Union. Following this incident, Kelley Weaver states that FutureTech board of director had no idea on Thornley's true intention with Sigma Harmonizer and will introduce additional security protocol to prevent such event to happen again.

Meanwhile, as a sign of goodwill, Allied occupational forces ended their occupation of the Soviet Union. This marks the beginning of the return of the Soviet on the world stage.


The player starts out with a Soviet MCV and three Bullfrogs each containing five infantry units: Conscripts, War Bears and Flak Troopers. Para-drop the Conscripts and War Bears to get rid of the Peacekeepers around in the vincinity. The next phase of the mission begins once the player unpacks their MCV.

Upon unpacking the MCV, two Ore Refineries, a Reactor, and on Easy difficulty only, a Naval Yard, will be automatically constructed. The player must focus on building a base, build an army to destroy all of the indicated FutureTech structures and destroy FutureTech's forces along the way. It should also be noted that the player will not be able to build an Airfield (thus being unable to build any aircraft) until the Allied airbase at the northeast corner of the battlefield is destroyed as part of the first Bonus Objective.

Throughout the entire mission, the Sigma Harmonizer activates, freezing all Soviet structures and units in time for a few seconds. Shortly after the first activation of the Sigma Harmonizer, a FutureTank X-1 will be teleported via Chronosphere into the player's base (between two civilian structures). Training up a Tesla Trooper beforehand and using its EM Disruptors are extremely helpful to minimize any casualties. A ground army with Natasha, Apocalypse Tanks, V4 Rocket Launchers and later the new Grinders is ideal to have.

A naval force consisting of Akula Subs and Dreadnought is also suitable to counter FutureTech's naval units which can threaten the player's Ore Refineries of their main base if left unguarded. Their naval base is situated in the northwest corner of the battlefield. After neutralizing the base, the Dreadnoughts can also siege on FutureTech's Airbase. Regardless, the player's forces should also be supplemented with Bullfrogs to deal with Harbinger Gunships when moving towards any base.

As the second Bonus Objective, the player can capture the Cooling Towers scattered around the main island with their Combat engineers; doing so will slow down FutureTech's production rate of FutureTanks whilst also disabling said units present on the battlefield for a certain amount of time. FutureTech may also send in their Engineers in attempt to recapture the Cooling Tower, which re-enables any disabled FutureTanks on the battlefield and increases their production rate. After all three Cooling Towers are captured by the player, all FutureTanks will be disabled indefinitely.

Ample buildings are available for garrison near the player's base. For the buildings close to the main base, garrison it with Tesla Troopers as the passage of armored vehicles through the bridge is a common sight for the most part of the mission. Apollos would periodically hover around the player's base, garrison the other buildings with Flak Troopers for easy veterancy. As for the building next to the shore, it is advised to either garrison it with all Flak Troopers or 1 Tesla Trooper with all others being Flak Trooper, since Dolphins and Hydrofoils would flee immediately when they run into the attack range of the garrison. Do build ample Tesla Coils and Flak Cannons near both the bridge and the water refineries. Note that the effects of the Harmonizer extend every time it was activated, so this must be done as soon as possible.

Once the player's main base defenses stabilize, expand to the two Ore Mines to the north east of said base, follow suit and build ample defenses against incoming Future Tanks and IFVs. Build a Crusher Crane as well for constant repairs to their Ore Collectors as FutureTank's attacks can splash onto them. This particular expansion would require constant attention due to the nearby FutureTech ground base.

Once the Airbase had been neutralized, the player will have steady control of the entire mission. Before destroying the last facility, the player can simply spend time setting up their forces. Also, building expansions near the remaining Ore Mines of the battlefield and capturing Oil Derricks (whilst eliminating any units or Multigunner defenses still lingering in those areas) to help maintain a stable economy. Meanwhile the player should station their attack forces at the very far north east edge of the map. Use Twinblades to quickly transport vehicles around for expansion or setup for the final phase of the mission.

After destroying the last facility, the battlefield expands to reveal the entirety of FutureTech's base; all that is left to do is to destroy the Sigma Harmonizer itself in the expanded northeastern part of the map and any of FutureTech's structures and base units in the way.


  • It is impossible to complete the "Capture Cooling Towers" optional objective after destroying all FutureTech production facilities. Even if the Cooling Towers are captured afterwards, the objective will not be marked as complete.
  • While never confirmed, it is possible that the destruction of FutureTech's production facilities during this mission is the reason why Future Tank X-1 is not available in the Allied campaign.
  • The Grinder is first introduced in this mission but is available in the previous mission.
    • It is possible for the game to not trigger the Grinder event if the player's base is not overwhelmed by a FutureTank X-1 present (this most likely occurs on Easy difficulty), thus being prevented from using Grinders in the entire mission.
  • Buildings being built by the Construction Yard when the Sigma Harmonizer is activated will have their construction paused and then will simply resume when the time freeze effect wears off (though they will still show building animations while time is frozen). However, any Battle Bunkers being built (by Combat Engineers) when a freeze occurs will simply fall apart as if having been cancelled and will not resume construction when time restarts.




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