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CNCRA3U logo.png Until a future game comes out and says otherwise, all Red Alert 3 - Uprising missions are treated as canon.
We can't let this Sigma Harmonizer go online: you must stop them, or our future will be extinguished!
- Dasha talking to the Commander prior to the battle

As Time Stood Still is the fourth and final mission of the Soviet campaign in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - Uprising.[1]


Despite the controversies, FutureTech's Sigma Harmonizer is merely days away from completion. The Soviet resistance had gathered enough intelligence to deduce that the Sigma Harmonizer is in fact a powerful weapon, and that President Rupert Thornley intends to use it and destroy the Soviet Union once and for all. Dasha Fedorovich entrusts the mission to destroy the Sigma Harmonizer to the Soviet Commander. The future of the Soviet Union hinges on this battle.


Approaching the island

They don't know we are here... yet.
- Dasha

Destruction of the Future Tanks

You better hurry, Commander! Or else I'm gonna push the button and freeze your forces like a photograph. And then, I'll come after you.
- Rupert Thornley

The Sigma Harmonizer


No! What have you done, you idiot! I could have created heaven on Earth! Now... now, I have nothing...
- Rupert Thornley

After the destruction of the Sigma Harmonizer, Rupert Thornley's ambition was revealed to the whole world, foiling his plans to eradicate


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The player starts out with a Soviet MCV. Build a base and get ready to counter the Futuretech forces. Throughout the entire mission all Soviet structures and units will freeze in time so be prepared. Within a few minutes futuretanks will appear so get Tesla troopers, Desolators, Natasha, Apocalypse tanks and later the new grinder tanks.


  • It is impossible to complete the "Capture Cooling Towers" optional objective after destroying all FutureTech production facilities. Even if the Cooling Towers are captured afterwards, the objective will not be marked as complete.
  • After all three Cooling Towers are captured, all Future Tanks will be disabled indefinitely.
  • While never confirmed, it is possible that the destruction of FutureTech's production facilities during this mission is the reason why Future Tank X-1 is not available in the Allied campaign.
  • The grinder is first introduced in this mission but is available in the previous mission.
  • Buildings being built by the Construction Yard when the Sigma Harmonizer is activated will have their construction paused and then will simply resume when the time freeze effect wears off (though they will still show building animations while time is frozen). However, any Battle Bunkers being built (by Combat Engineers) when a freeze occurs will simply fall apart as if having been cancelled and will not resume construction when time restarts.




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