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The Ascended is a Defense Class tier 1 infantry unit in Tiberian Twilight.


Equipped with a power suit with rocket pods instead of arms, the Ascended are designed to shoot down GDI aircraft. Relatively cheap and available in large numbers early in a battle, their rockets are easily capable of piercing the medium aircraft armour of GDI Orca Mk Vs and Hurricanes. The rockets are somewhat effective against infantry, light and medium vehicles, but are not capable of piercing the heavy armour of most Tier 3 units. The Ascended's power suit is also relatively easily pierced by bullets.


GDI Engineer 2047
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An achievement can be earned if the player uses the Ascended to shoot down several aircraft.



When Created

"I am in!"

"What a sweet suit!"

"Need some Skysweeping?"

When Ordered to Attack

"Eat This!"

"Up yours!"

"Opening up a Can!"

"Watch the little birdie!"

"Easy pickings!"

"Hey Ugly!"

"This is gonna feel good!"

When Garrisoning a Structure

"Think I could fit through that doorway?"

"It'll be a cool place to be."

"Got anything nicer?"

"Just don't leave me in there."

When Ordered to Move


"Going that a way."

"I can do that."

"Getting closer."

"How about some targets?"

"Hey if that's the call."

"Yes Sir!"




When Selected

"Don't leave me hanging here."

"Who's up for some rocket ball?"

"Looking for me?"

"Gimme something good."

"Right to the top."


"Looking Good."

When Ordered to Attack on the Move

"Oh its on!"

"It's about time!"

"Fingers on the trigger."


"These guys are done."

"Whose mommy let them out?"

"Wondering when you were gonna hook me up!"

When Ordered to retreat

"Outta here!"

"Peace out!"

"They're kinda boring anyway."


When Selected while in Battle

"Nailed it!"

"Like it!"

"Freaking awesome isn't it?!"

"Take it to the House!"

"Little busy but what do you need?!"

"So this is the best they got huh?"

When Under Attack

"I'm about to get smoked over here!"

"Oops! Somebody's having a bad day."

"So this is their big attack?!"

"Get these guys off me!"

"Holy Moley!"

"Hey that one was close!"

"Whoa, Easy!"

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