The Assault Platoon Epsilon is a military unit of the Global Defense Initiative. During the Invasion of Earth, they appeared in only one mission held in Munich of Germany.


The Battle in Munich

Since the Scrin broke GDI defenses in the city, a GDI Commander who blew Temple Prime with an Ion Cannon has recieved intel from Kirce James that Munich is under constant alien bombardment. She asks him to use the the platoon formerly known as Assault platoon Epsilon. The Commander was immediately sent to Germany in helping out. The APE (abbreviation of the unit) sticked to the Commander's side as he brought in three convoy trucks carrying scientists with protection of his own unit. The aliens bashed through Munich with brute force and GDI forces uncontrolled by the Commander shot them down in the air. An Engineer recaptured a Power Plant, while another took control of a Future-Tech Lab as said by a soldier of GDI's rescue operation that Stormriders and ground forces will break the wall. The trucks are safely through the Subway Entrance via from Munich to Salzburg in Austria for the scientists. Victory occurs and Emel Ibrahiim talks with William Frank about the war effort.

Forces Used

The GDI Commander was given his taskforce for the mission. There are uncontrolled vehicles in this one and cannot be used for taking down Stormriders, Planetary Assault Carriers and Devastator Warships by the Commander, himself. The units used in the mission and most of them, uncontrollable are:

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