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CNCGZH Assault Troop Transport Cameo.png
Assault Troop Transport
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Role Assault transport
Armament 8 garrisoned infantry
(initially 8 Minigunners)
Hit points 240
Armor type Assault Crawler Armor
Transport slots 8 infantry
Cost $2400
Build time 0:25
Produced by Chinese war factory
Hotkey C
Cooldown 4000 (Propaganda Tower)
Speed 40 (30 when badly damaged)
Sight range 175-400
Gen1 Subliminal Messaging Icons.png
Subliminal Messaging
Abilities Passive stealth detection
Built with 8 Mini Gunners
Troop Crawler ready for assault!
- Assault Troop Crawler

The Assault Troop Transport (or 'Assault Troop Crawler') is a second-generation Troop Crawler developed for General Shin Fai.


Assault Troop Crawler here.
- Assault Troop Crawler

Like the regular Troop Crawler, it is a reasonably fast wheeled APC, already coming with eight Mini-Gunners on board upon rolling out of the War Factory, with stealth detection. It has firing ports for the infantrymen inside, superior armor and a small propaganda tower to heal other friendlies.


Gen1 Subliminal Messaging Icons.png Subliminal messaging Increases the effectiveness of the Assault troop crawler's speaker tower by 25%. Purchasable at any Propaganda Center center for a cost of $500.

Game unit


Get your guns ready!
- Assault Troop Crawler

Although more expensive than its predecessor, the cost of the Assault Troop Transport covers the expense of the eight Mini-Gunners (as well as saving $400) and it is much better equipped for battle. If some of the Mini-Gunners were replaced by Tank Hunters the Assault Troop Transport would be well-equipped to take on all comers.

Hijackers, in particular, are useless if they try to steal these vehicles as they are not able to stay hidden, let alone get close.


The Assault Troop Crawler has better armor than the regular Troop Crawler but is still quite poorly defended against heavy weapons, especially rockets.

A Nuke Cannon firing Neutron Shells can wipe out ALL of the Mini-Gunners inside as well as the driver, allowing capture of the vehicle. Jarmen Kell as well can eliminate the vehicle crew and later kill the Mini-Gunners.


  • Zero Hour patch 1.03:
    • decreased heal rate to 2% (non-upgraded) and 4% (upgraded)
    • now displays the upgrade cameo for subliminal messaging

Selected Quotes

Troop Crawler ready for assault.
- When emerging from the War Factory
Ready for a drive-by, boys?
- When selected
Assault Troop Crawler here.
- When selected
Take 'em out!
- When ordered to attack
Shoot them!
- When ordered to attack
Get your guns ready!
- When ordered to attack


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