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Assimilators are the Scrin equivalent of the Nod Saboteur and GDI Engineer, used for repairing and capturing buildings, as well as capturing walker husks.


As their name suggests, the Assimilators are bio-mechanical constructs designed to assimilate alien technologies. Similar to human combat engineers, they are capable of repairing friendly structures, as well as capturing structures and walker husks, even those of human origin. When immobile, they are capable of turning invisible.

Assimilators have two different unit variants: Scrin and Reaper-17 have one variant, Traveler-59 has another variant that can obtain the Advanced articulators upgrade. The only other Scrin unit like this is the Disintegrator.


CNCKW Advanced Articulators Cameo.png
Advanced articulators Add 85% speed to Assimilator when upgraded (Ctrl+A). Purchasable at Traveler-59 Stasis Chamber for $1000 and takes 0:30 to research.



  • Movement can be sped up with Advanced Articulators; wormhole spacefold increases movement further
  • Stealthed when not moving


  • Very weak armour
  • Very slow movement without Advanced Articulators


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