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Athena SatNet, how may I assist you?
- Athena Cannon rolling out of the Armor facility

The Athena Cannon was the Allied artillery unit in Red Alert 3 and Uprising.


The Athena cannon calls down a proton beam

Created by the Stockholm-based Angstrom Defense,[1] the Athena Cannons were a part of the Allied Orbital Defense Network designed by Lydia Winters.[2] The name "Athena Cannon" referred to both a network of orbital beam weapons and their eponymous target-designating vehicles.[3] Unlike traditional artillery units, the Athena vehicle did not attack its targets directly. Rather, it used a laser designator to mark targets for an Athena satellite in orbit, which would then fire a powerful proton beam at the target, incinerating it.[4]

Alternatively, an Athena Cannon could order a satellite to fire at its mounted collector dish, allowing it to absorb the energy of the beam and project an "Aegis" energy shield, which protects it and any surrounding units from enemy fire. The shield did not hinder movement, however, and the Athena must remain immobile while the shield is up, making it vulnerable to close-range attacks.

Despite initial controversies regarding its exorbitant development costs, the Athena SatNet proved instrumental in cracking the defenses of the Soviet Union and the Empire of the Rising Sun during the war. However, the limited satellite coverage prevented its wide usage, prompting the FutureTech Corporation to develop an alternative field artillery unit: the Pacifier FAV.[3]


RA3 Aegis Shield Icons.png
Aegis Shield By changing its weapon configuration, the Athena Cannon can engage an Aegis shield which will protect all friendly units within. When the shield integrity falls, so does the size of the shield. A low integrity shield means it is too small to protect units around it.


An Athena activating the Aegis during battle to protect itself.

The Athena Cannon is a versatile artillery vehicle. Its Aegis Shield ability can protect nearby friendly units from up to 2000 points of damage. The longer the shield is active, the smaller the area of protection gets. The shield is useful for defense from air attacks, but the unit cannot fire during the time the shield is active. Athena Cannons can target through walls, making them useful for destroying power plants and base defenses protected behind walls.

Once the Athena is in position, it will take 5 seconds to lock onto the target. It is less effective against moving targets, as the beam it summons is stationary. One trick is to make the Athena target a spot on the ground in front of a group of enemies so that the beam strikes them when they move to the spot. This takes good timing, but the beam causes splash damage and can take valuable health off of groups of units.

In groups of five or more, Athena Cannons can destroy any structure or unit, including superweapons, in one strike before the enemy has a chance to react. This is a very useful tactic when attempting to make a quick run at an enemy construction yard or superweapon.

The Athena Cannon can be built starting mission Forever Sets the Sun.



Upon exiting an Armor facility

  • Athena SatNet, how may I assist you?


  • Athena cannon!
  • Full satellite access!
  • Orbital defense network!
  • How can I help?
  • Standing by!
  • Sat link initialized!
  • We're connected!
  • GPS signal clear!
  • Can I be of assistance?
  • Your call is important to us!
  • Space cannons on line two, sir!
  • Orbitals on line two, sir!
  • Orbits on line two, sir!


  • Confirmed!
  • Understood, please stand by!
  • Updating position!
  • Certainly!
  • Thank you, please hold!
  • Scanning for reception!
  • My pleasure!
  • Anything else I can do for you?
  • One moment sir!

Trying to move when shield is active

  • Shields are still engaged sir!
  • Can't move while the shield's are up sir!
  • Negative sir, not while the shield is up!


  • Begin sequence!
  • Patching it through sir!
  • Focusing reticles
  • Powering up!
  • Call for fire!
  • Recursive firing!

Active shield

  • Defense systems on!
  • Shields are enabled sir!
  • All powers into shields!
  • Nothing can get through the Aegis!
  • Shields are enabled!

Move to attack

  • Moving to targeting range!
  • Get ready orbital!
  • Stand by for coordinates!
  • Yes sir, approaching!
  • Ready the fire sequence!
  • Set up the target array!
  • Target acquired!

In combat

  • Locking coordinates!
  • Reloading, please wait!
  • Link established!
  • Sat link check!
  • We're live!


  • Confirming retreat codes!
  • Code Olympus!
  • Falling back for repairs!
  • This call will not be recorded!

Under fire

  • Our position is compromised!
  • System are damaged!
  • We're losing signal strength!
  • We can use some help here sir!
  • Can anybody hear us?


  • The Athena Cannon's appearance may be based on the Swedish BV-206.
  • The Athena's quotes are based on phrases said by telephone operators.



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