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The attack buggy was Nod's primary recon unit during the Second Tiberium War and the Firestorm Crisis.


The attack buggy is a small 4x4 unit, used by Nod for reconnaissance missions and fighting mainly against infantry. It carries twin roof mounted raider cannons and is piloted by a single soldier[1]. It is very similar to the Buggy used by Nod in the First Tiberium War, sharing the same large 4 wheel off-road tyre design that gives it great speed and mobility across most surfaces while also fullfilling the same role.

It was succeeded by the Raider buggy by the Second Nod Reunification War.


The Attack Buggy was replaced with the Raider Buggy by the Third Tiberium War.



  • Effective against infantry and light vehicles
  • Immune to veins
  • Reasonably cheap ($500)
  • Faster and better-armoured than the Wolverine
  • Elite buggies can crush infantry


  • Vulnerable to air units
  • Still weakly armoured
  • Cannot crush infantry when not elite
  • Weak against heavily armored vehicles and buildings


  • The attack buggy's entry was omitted from the Tiberian Sun and The First Decade manuals.



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