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TS Attack Cycle Icons.gif
Attack cycle
TS Attack Cycle.png
Internal name BIKE
Affiliation TS Nod logo transparent.png Nod
TiberiumAlliances Forgotten.png Forgotten
Role Anti-armour recon
Armament Missile launchers
Tier 1
Tech level 5
Hit points 150
Armor type Wood
Cost $600
Produced by Nod war factory
Ground attack
  • 40 (AP)
  • 30 (x2) (elite) (AP)
Air attack 30 (x2) (elite) (AP)
Cooldown 60
Speed 12
Attack range 5
Sight range 5
Elite upgrade
  • Fires two missiles at once
  • Able to target aircraft
  • Self-repairing

The attack cycle is a successor to the TWI Recon bike, used by Nod, CABAL and The Forgotten during the Second Tiberium War and the Firestorm Conflict.


Like its predecessor, it incorporates a missile launcher, but can only fire missiles two at a time. It is extremely fast but has very little armour. Its turning rate is much faster than the previous recon bike and thus its manoeuvrability is also much higher.

The pilot is a single Nod soldier, lying prone.

They were succeeded by the more advanced attack bikes in the Third Tiberium War.

Game unit

Useful as a scouting unit and as light weapons platform against armoured enemy targets. Unfortunately, their lack of any armour means that they are not effective in prolonged combat situations.

Due to the drastically uneven cost effectiveness of the Nod tick tank, attack cycles often ended up forming the real backbone of the Nod motorpool in the Second Tiberium War. Tick tanks cost just as much as GDI's Titan mechs, but have weaker armour and guns. Unfortunately, they are not significantly faster than Titans either.



Attack cycles attacking an underground target

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