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Soviet attack dogs were specially trained shepherds specializing in anti-infantry attacks during the Second World War.


In an effort to counter Allied guerilla formations and to prevent the infiltration of their infrastructure and command, the Soviet Union trained large numbers of dogs to sniff out and kill enemy infantry, particularly spies.

As they are relatively inexpensive, the Soviet Union trained a frighteningly large number of attack dogs during the war and housed them in specially-built Kennels on the battlefield.


Attack dogs were also used in the Third World War, although kennels were no longer needed; the dogs were trained in the barracks. The attack dogs were mostly used to guard Soviet bases from infiltration by Allied spies. However, the Allies saw the potential of attack dogs and began to use them too, although in much smaller numbers than the Soviets did.

Game unit

Attack dogs can kill any infantry in one bite as they deal "full damage",[1] but have very low health. Rifle infantry can kill dogs in a single burst, and attacking groups of rifle infantry (particularly if they are standing still) with dogs is not recommended. Incidentally, attack dogs are more useful against Soviet infantry, as grenadiers and flamethrowers are much less able to defend themselves against dogs due to their slow projectile speed. Rocket soldiers are also easy prey, as are any unarmed infantry. Dogs will also automatically detect and kill spies. In missions where some very powerful enemy infantry units are encountered, such as Brothers in Arms and Grunyev Revolution, attack dogs are ideal as they can kill any infantry in one attack regardless of their stats.

Attack dogs are the only unit that can and will attack enemy spies in range on their own.[2]


Main article: Chitzkoi

Of the thousands, possibly millions, of canine warriors in the ranks of the Red Army, one stood out - the legendary attack dog Chitzkoi, who accompanied the Soviet supersoldier Volkov. Chitzkoi was armored and extremely resistant to enemy fire, almost as strong as Volkov himself, and was able to lunge huge distances at enemy infantry. He was still helpless against vehicles, but his ridiculously heavy armor allowed him to survive all but the heaviest and sustained anti-armour attacks.



DOS English French German
RA DOS Dog icon.png RA1 Attack Dog Icons.png RA Dog FR cameo.png RA Dog DE cameo.png


  • The attack dogs in the game are German shepherds because Adam Isgreen had one at the time.[3]


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