The Attack Dog (Red Alert iPhone) was reported after the Psychic Dominator Disaster that it had retained its role as a lethal anti-infantry unit by the start of a Post-War Crisis in Europe's eastern territory.


Siberian husks were no longer used by Alexander Romanov and turned to Bronislav for researching some War Bears as an anti-infantry scout. Lieutenant Eva McKenna brought in Attack Dogs to do the trick in killing Soviet Engineers attempting to capture an important part for their faction. The Allied Commander used them for all missions involving a Time Machine and Battle lab to gain information on these two time twisters. Romanov's reason to no longer use Siberian husks, because they were removed by Einstein's Time Machine swap that went back into the Third World War by some fortunate success.


The Attack Dogs were good at speeds in water and on land, while they're still part of the Allies with strong sharp teeth and stun barks to alert Soviet infantry coming their way. When Cherdenko pushed the Allied Nations back after using his Time travel, all Attack dogs used Amplified Barks on the Soviet infantry division as an alert to they are coming to bruise them down with sharp teeth, stunned and Amplified barkings on them.

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