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The Attack Outpost was an improved Listening Outpost developed for General Shin Fai.


Like the Listening Outpost, it could detect all types of enemy units over a wide radius. However, it was geared more towards an attacking role owing to Fai's reliance on infantry over armoured forces, and was able to hold more infantrymen on board. Additionally, it came standard with a miniature speaker tower.


Adjusting frequency.
- Attack Outpost
Gen1 Subliminal Messaging Icons.png Subliminal Messaging Increased effectiveness of miniature speaker towers on Attack Outposts by 25%. Purchasable for $500 from any Propaganda Center.

Game unit

The Attack Outpost rolled out of Fai's War Factory with three Tank Hunters on board for protection. More infantrymen could be added, turning the Attack Outpost into an APC of sorts. They were quite cheap, versatile, had a vast sight range and were stealth while not moving. Fai was known for packing them with infantry and deploying them in surprisingly large numbers. With mixed types of infantry on board, Attack Outposts could be effective against almost anything. If destroyed, infantry could escape an Attack Outpost with half health and continue the attack. Their stealth ability allowed the Chinese to launch deadly ambushes, a trait they were usually weak at due to their lack of stealth units, with the exception of their hero unit.

In spite of this, Attack Outposts still had quite poor armor, even if they could pack a punch. Heavy weapons could quickly destroy the Attack Outpost, and then anti-infantry weapons could move in to finish the job - provided they were available.

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