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25px-Disambig For Australia in the Tiberium universe, see Australia (Tiberium).

Australia is both a name for the world's smallest continent, and the country that is comprised of said continent, the Island of Tasmania, and a number of smaller islands around it. During the Psychic Dominator Disaster, the Allies fought to end a plot by Yuri in Sydney, Australia's largest city.


Australia has been settled for over 420 centuries by the Aborigines, the first known human inhabitants. Dutch navigators, the first Europeans to discover Australia, arrived in 1606, though no effort was made to colonize it.

The English explorer James Cook claimed it for the United Kingdom as "New South Wales", over 160 years after the Dutch discovered it. Originally used as a penal colony, Australia became settled, though European immigrants typically stayed near the large coastal cities. Aboriginal population declined, largely through the spread of infectious disease.

Australia later gained commonwealth status and a written constitution in 1901. It allied with the United States during a war with Japan in the 1940s. As part of the British Empire, it is likely that it contributed to the Allies in both the Great World War II and Great World War III, though in what capacity remains unknown.


1973: Clones Down Under

During the Psychic Dominator Disaster, General George Carville sends the Allied Commander there. It was uncovered that Yuri had established an extensive cloning facility in downtown Sydney, and was attempting to clone world leaders, to replace the real ones with the duplicates he controlled for an Allied/Soviet Alliance in London, the treaty's place.

An Allied taskforce established a foothold around the famous Opera House (despite the best efforts of Yuri's Boomers) and the Allies, including Korean Black Eagle squadrons managed to drive Yuri's forces out of Sydney, after ransacking the cloning labs.

War of the Three Powers

During the War of the Three Powers, Australia was a member state of the Allied Nations. Towne-Travers Technologies, an Australian company, manufactures Multigunner IFVs and presumably Multigunner turrets for the Allies.

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