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For the Tiberium Wars mech, see Avatar (Tiberium Wars). For Black Hand original, see Purifier.

The Avatar was a large mech used by the Brotherhood of Nod by the time of the Fourth Tiberium War.


In the Fourth Tiberium War, the Avatar continued its role as an Offense Class anti-tank walker, weak to concentrated blasts from powerful laser units. The Avatar can be outfitted with up to five cannons when fully upgraded, allowing it to do some significant damage to enemy forces. As it is damaged, these cannons are blown off of the Avatar, significantly increasing its speed with each cannon lost and allowing the player to retreat the unit to repair and re-arm. All Avatars require a High Leveled Nod Offense Crawler to build.[1]

Interestingly, it appears that the new Avatar uses traditional ballistic cannons, as opposed to the earlier incarnation's laser. [2]


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In-Game Unit

The Avatar is the Brotherhood of Nod's primary anti-medium heavy walker at Tier 3, the equivalent of the Mammoth Tank. The standard Avatar freshly built from the Offense Crawler boasts 2 cannons on each of its "arms" and another, slightly more powerful one in the middle of its chest. Upon collecting a blue Tiberium core, it will gain an additional 2 cannons, bringing the number of cannons to 5. As it sustains more damage, more of these cannons will be blown off, until only the chest cannon remains. In the process, however, it gains more speed, allowing it to retreat to fight another day. The heavy armour of the Avatar is vulnerable only to lasers, but, like its predecessor, the Avatar cannot attack aircraft. Also like its older incarnation, it leaves a capturable husk when destroyed.


Behind the Scenes

Due to community pressure, the Avatar has been redesigned along with the Nod Engineer in the days leading up to 2009 Christmas.[3]

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