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Ayers Rock (or "Uluru") is a large sandstone formation in Central Australia. Regarded as sacred by the indigenous Aboriginals, it stands over one thousand feet high, and almost six miles in circumference.

Storyline summary

During the Third Tiberium War, both Nod and GDI possessed significant operations in the Australia-New Zealand Theater of War; Nod's main base in the region was at Ayers Rock. The base housed a Temple of Nod, multiple Air Towers and War Factories, and nearby Tiberium silos and spikes. Two Mutant Hovels were set up near the rock, and Mutant Marauder squads routinely patrolled the wasteland. Most importantly, a command facility was built on the eastern edge of the rock. Heavily guarded, it was the heart of all Nod operations in Australia.

General Kilian Qatar, one of Nod's best generals, was transferred from Temple Prime to Ayers Rock, in effect taking over command of Nod forces in the area. She had requested another commander to accompany her; however, Kane kept that particular commander in Eastern Europe to defend the Liquid Tiberium Project. Temple Prime, however, was destroyed by GDI forces by means of an Ion Cannon strike; apparently killing Kane.

But during the campaign in Australia, Kane resurfaced. Blaming Kilian for the betrayal of troops during the Siege of Temple Prime, as well as heresy in regard to the Scrin, he ordered an assault on Ayers Rock. Though the Commander was initially given command of only a handful of troops, consisting of a fully upgraded heroic Avatar Warmech and a couple of Saboteurs, he managed to capture a forward base south of Ayers Rock. The celebrated Commander then proceeded to capture Ayers Rock, while wiping out a GDI retaliatiory force. General Qatar was executed and Ayers Rock became Kane's official command center and the meeting place of the Inner Circle for the rest of the war. Following retaliatory strikes by GDI, Ayers Rock was abandoned. All supplies and personnel are believed to have been transported to an as of yet unconfirmed new Nod Temple. According to Gallagher, Qatar's body was left in the command center.

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