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Ayers Rock mission is an assignment to depose the self-appointed leader of the Brotherhood, Kilian Qatar and secure the A-NZ command center for Kane.


During the initial siege of Temple Prime, the Nod reinforcements that destroyed the GDI besiegers suddenly declared Kane as a false Prophet and attacked the Temple defenders. Since Qatar's request for those same reinforcements to Australia was denied by Kane and instead sent to Sarajevo it was believed by some (including intelligence officer Ajay) that Kilian was behind the renegade attack (even though it was orchestrated by the increasingly insane Alexa Kovacs). After the Liquid Tiberium explosion, Kilian Qatar assumed that Kane and the rest of the Inner Circle had died in the explosion and took command of the Brotherhood of Nod, and called for all Nod personnel to regroup in Australia.

Just as Nod stole GDI's nuclear warheads however the Scrin invaded. Wreaking havoc on both Nod and GDI, Qatar made a desperate alliance with the GDI commander in Sydney to fend off the aliens from the city. However Kane reappeared when Nod was helping GDI defend downtown Sydney and ordered the destruction of GDI. Furious that Kilian seemingly betrayed Kane at Sarajevo and striking an alliance with GDI against the Scrin, he demands her punishment and sends his best commander to capture her alive at her Australian HQ.


(This walkthrough assumes Hard difficulty)

You start with an Avatar and four saboteurs. Use the Avatar to attract fire from the enemies at the east entrance, then capture Kilian's operations center and construction yard to bring the entire southern base under your control.

At this point, immediately pack up your construction yard and deploy it below the eastern edge of Ayers Rock, just below Kilian's HQ. This way, your build radius should allow you to build on top of Kilian's HQ. Start building Obelisks on Ayers Rock and use it to attack Kilian's Temple of Nod. Make sure to do it while Kilian's patrolling heroic Avatar is away. After using up several Obelisks, the Temple of Nod would finally be destroyed, bringing Kilian's main base under your command. Immediately start repairing Kilian's HQ (it cannot be repaired with saboteurs) and build some SAM turrets around it to prevent GDI from destroying it with Orcas. Remember that the mission fails if Kilian's HQ is destroyed.

At this point, rush GDI's ion cannon control center with all of your forces to stop it in time, but save a flame tank to take out the mutant marauders at the northern Tiberium silos. Kill them and capture them with your saboteurs for extra funding. At this point, start building Avatars at all of your war factories. You may also want to protect the entrance to Kilian's base with some Obelisks. GDI will continuously send Mammoth tanks and Juggernauts after you, push them back with your Avatars. Note that they will also try to capture any Avatar husk you left behind.

After your base is secure, expand to the Mutant hovel and build a refinery there to take advantage of its blue Tiberium field. Capture the hovel and train five Mutant marauder squads to finish the bonus objective. Finally, simply push through to the GDI base with your Avatar horde and destroy everything to finish the mission. GDI will defend their base with a large number of missile squads, so either complement your Avatars with Black Hands or have them comandeer flame tanks.


Kane arrived with a small escort force, flushing out Kilian in the Headquarters. Kane began questioning her, however Killian says Kane has strayed from the 'path'.

Kane: Tell me again, Ajay.
  • Ajay: Sir!
  • Kane: Tell me about Sarajevo.
  • Ajay: Uhh... Well it's all a little fuzzy.
  • Kane: You said you witnessed Killian's troops ambush the Commander.
  • Killian: It was a renegade squadron, there was a GDI mole in charge.
  • Kane: You said that not only she jeopardized not only myself, and my science minsters, but the very future of the Brotherhood!
  • Killian: It's hearsay, you have no proof!
  • Kane: Ajay's faith has never been questioned, if he testifies against you, it's all the proof I need.

- Extract of Kane interrogating Killian

Despite his belief that Kilian had ulterior motives Ajay did not know Qatar had set up the farce and wanted only "what's best for Nod". Kane then ordered her execution on the spot replacing Kilian with the commander as his second-in-command. He takes control of Kilian's headquarters and gives the Commander orders from there onward. Later Kane realize the mistake of killing Kilian when Alexa revealed that she ordered the attack on Temple prime.

Cut content

The mission, judging by the strings in the cnc3.csf, was supposed to have more secondary objectives:

  • Some of Kilian's forces appear to be ready to switch to our side. Orchestrate an event that will let them escape from Kilian's stronghold.
  • These Power Plants power the shield that protects Kilian's stronghold. Destroy them to make Kilian's stronghold vulnerable.
  • Central Command reports that Kilian has called for reinforcements. Capture and hold the reinforcement bay at the time when the reinforcements arrive to prevent their landing.

Furthermore, the main objectives were different:

  • Capture or destroy the Secret Shrine and Tech Lab to gain control of Kilian's base on Ayers Rock. Do not destroy Kilian's Headquarters.


Ajay's briefing
Qatar's briefing
Mission ending cutscene
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