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The B-3 bomber was a United States bomber used during the GLA War.

The aircraft was used for both high-altitude and low-altitude strikes. In the latter it and the B-52 Stratofortress provided close air support to ground forces within range of hostile tactical air defenses.

The B-3 was faster than the B-52 and was often used for the MOAB strike. The USA General Malcolm Granger used the B-3 to carry out the carpet bombing power. In this role it has a Point Defense Laser and may be shot down.

Game Unit

The B-3 appears in the opening cutscene for Zero Hour's third USA mission. There it is used as a high altitude bomber against Stinger Sites. Its bombs cause a firestorm on the ground.

This is one of the few air units that is immune to EMP attacks, meaning it can remain in flight when hit with EMP weapons

Behind the Scenes

Although the in-game unit model appears to be a B-2 bomber, the game refers to the aircraft as a B-3 and it is identified as "AmericaJetB3" in the Worldbuilder.

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