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B-52 Stratofortress
A B-52 dropping a fuel air bomb
Affiliation USA
Role Bomber
Hit points 1000
Armor type
  • Airplane Armor
  • Countermeasures Airplane Armor with Countermeasure
Air speed 125 (75 when badly damaged)
ZH Countermeasures Icons.png

The B-52 Stratofortress was an American bomber widely used during the GLA War. It is famous for its use of dropping the devastating US fuel air bomb, one of the most powerful general's abilities in the game. It is also used as a carpet bomber.

The B-52 Bomber is a long-range strategic bomber, dating back to 1952. The current model of the Stratofortress, the B-52H, remains in service with the United States, as it is economical to run and its effectiveness rivals that of more modern strategic bombers, such as the B-3. Despite its carrying capacity and power, it is vulnerable to anti-aircraft ordinance, and it is recommended that B-52 carpet bombing runs be held off until hostile AA is suppressed, as it is quite slow.

This is one of the few aircraft that is immune to EMP effects, meaning it can maintain flight even after being hit with EMP weapons.

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