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The BCN is a British news organisation and works for the Allied Nations. The main news anchor is a woman and the organisation's aim is to provide news bulletins of the ongoing war with the Soviet Union and later, the Empire of the Rising Sun in the Third World War. The news headlines from the BCN came at the start of Ride of the Red Menace, the first Allied mission. The news made a few more in Enemy of our Enemy, The Moon Shall Never Have Them and their final appearance in March of the Red Army. By the time of Uprising, Brenda Snow will replace, both the news anchor and the organisation.

Ride of the Red Menace

Premier Cherdenko swarmed his forces across the European continent, forcing the Allies into retreat and surrendering Rome. Paris is also captured by the Soviets as the European Allies were forced into pockets of resistance. Great Britain now stands as the last Allied nation in Europe, not yet kneeling under the Soviet Union, as an armada of Soviet ships was spotted across the English Channel.
- BCN in the beginning of Ride of the Red Menace (mission briefing)

The BCN's first appearance in the war. The organisation, reported that the USSR has driven all Allied forces and had overthrown, nearly all of Europe. Pictures were shown in, as the conquests of both Rome and Paris had turned into the Soviet jackboot. Great Britain, stands as the final Allied nation in Europe and a new Allied Commander (Red Alert 3) is forced out of military school and taken to the main Allied Headquarters in London.

Enemies and Reinforcements

They will both shall "cease to exist" and have divine destiny. That was Emperor Yoshiro in the interview to all Soviet and Allied leaders as the new faction declares war on them as a warning.
- Both Yoshiro and BCN on declarating the Empire of the Rising Sun to war.

Emperor Yoshiro of the Imperial forces, interviewed on BCN that the Allies and the Soviets must get ready for a new superpower, coming from Western Europe. Two Floating Fortresses, are both spotted and they had to be destroyed, immediately. Ackerman, of the USA, had disagreed with Bingham. The Soviets, under Moskvin and Natasha, had to join Tanya and destroy the first Floating Fortress, in Gibraltar for the very fourth mission. At the same time for the Soviets had heard Ackerman on BCN in Moscow. Cherdenko had called the President, as an "ignorant Fanatic" and sends the Soviet Commander (Red Alert 3) to Geneva, where Lissette Hanley is there.

Capture of Cherdenko and Krukov

Premier Cherdenko and his right-hand man are imprisoned for war crimes against humanity as we reported that the statue of Lenin is brought down by Allied soldiers who had captured the city at the end of their mission. The Vice-President will like to say his words after being elected the new President.
- BCN, at the Allied campaign's ending.

BCN, did the last statement that Cherdenko and his right hand man, had been captured in Leningrad and the US Vice President, said that Ackerman did have honour to all Allied forces on Earth. This was after, a tough battle as Cherdenko and Krukov were in prison. After the news, Bingham congratulated the Commander for the last time and he was delighted to see Eva McKenna in a white dress.


The BCN is a pun of the American TV program, NBC and the three white boxes, shown at the right side of the screen, is a reference to another British news organisation, the BBC.

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