Bad Neighborhood

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Bad Neighborhood
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Next Deceit
Game The Covert Operations
Location Africa
Player CNCR NodLogo.png Brotherhood of Nod
Opponent CNCR GDILogo.png Global Defense Initiative
Objectives Destroy all GDI forces
C&C Covert Ops Cover.gif The following is based on the missions of The Covert Operations and might contradict canon.
We need to remove all GDI forces from this area. Unfortunately, the civilians in this area are GDI friendly. You must remain undetected until your base is ready. If either GDI or the civilians discover you, GDI will attack.
- Mission briefing

Bad Neighborhood is the first Nod mission in The Covert Operations.[1]


There were many villages in Africa who had suffered at Nod's hands and sided with GDI during the First Tiberium War. Nod would sometimes build its forces in secret without alerting the civilian population to their presence. If GDI caught wind that Nod was in the area they would launch a preemptive strike against them.


Covert Operations - Bad Neighborhood


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