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Ready the Bombers!
- Natasha calling in an airstrike

The Badger-class Bomber is a Soviet bomber which doubles as a transport plane. These heavy bombers may be called in to drop high-explosive bombs, as well as other heavy payload such as Desolator Bombs. The Soviets also use them to paradrop troops, as was the case with the invasion of Great Britain and the invasion of Mt. Fuji.

Being a strategic bomber, badger requires a specially built airfield and cannot operate from a field airbase, therefore - field commanders are not given direct control of such planes. Instead it is used to conduct strategic bombings runs and to deliver special support. One of examples of such support is via Desolator bomb calldown option available to Soviet field commanders via Soviet Top Secret Protocols. Also, Soviet black-ops agent Natasha is given authority to paint a target and then call in Badger-class bomber for a deadly precise guided bomb strike. Badger bomber can perform dive bomb maneuver for better accuracy. They also noted of capable to escape above the theater with speed surpassing Allied's Century Bomber. They can also launch Paratroopers if required by the mission.

Technicians beware: the nature of the payload and aircraft fuel means that a loaded, fueled Badger is highly explosive. This is demonstrated in Operation "Circus of Treachery", where a bullet ignites a group of grounded and confiscated Badgers, destroying all nearby Imperial units.

The Badger Bomber can be shot down by a squad of Hydrofoils or squads of Multigunner Infantry Fighting Vehicles, particularly with Cryo Legionnaires inside which turns into a Cryo IFV instantly freezing the bomber's engines. If hit the Badger will be unable to fly and it crashes down as a block of ice.


  • A Badger Bomber can be seen at Camp Dakota next to two Jet Tengus.
  • Despite concept art showing the Badger being propelled by propellers, in-game animation shows it being propelled by jet engines.
  • The Badger Bomber can be brought down by either Yuriko or the Vacuum Imploder.
  • The Hydrofoil's weapon jammer can stop the bomb launch from Natasha.
  • The design of The Badger Bomber resembles the Nazi German Focke-Wulf Fw-189 tactical reconnaissance aircraft.


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