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RA3 Gameicon.png
- Imperial Warrior during a Banzai Charge
RA3 Banzai Charge Icons.png

The fanatical, honour-bound Imperial Warriors of the Empire of the Rising Sun are known to, in a fierce battle under a hail of bullets, draw their beam katanas and go on a seemingly-suicidal charge at enemy positions. They would slice any enemy infantry in their way. This maneuver and special ability of the Imperial Warrior is known as the Banzai Charge. ("Banzai" (ばんざい or 万歳) is a Japanese phrase traditionally used to wish long life to the Emperor.)

Imperial Warrior with uncharged beam katana.

As various Allied and Soviet commanders of World War III can attest, this tactic is surprisingly successful. During such a charge we can see the fruits of the rigorous training Imperial Warriors have undergone. These soldiers are so skillful with their katanas, they can cut down enemy infantry in one stroke. Warriors can also charge into garrisoned buildings and clear them of enemy soldiers. This maneuver, however, is useless against tanks or structures. Unlike Peacekeeper's shield mode, there are time limit on Banzai charge, this is somewhat related to their physical power and the Beam katana's heating limitation.