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The Barbed Wire is a cheap, simple anti-infantry barrier used by Soviet forces during the Second World War. It is generally effective at blockading only non-demolition infantry and light vehicles.


Barbed-Wire Barrier stops non-tracked vehicles and infantry. Tracked vehicles can destroy the barrier by shooting it and/or running over it.
- Red Alert manual(src)

Barbed wires are a length of steel wire with razor-sharp barbs (thus the name) protruding at intervals throughout it. Infantry crossing through a barbed wire fence would likely risk severe injuries, and light vehicles would certainly have their tires cut open. While it would be possible for an infantryman to slowly and carefully negotiate his way through the wire, or cut the strands of wire to pass, in the heat of battle this would endanger their lives. Therefore, infantrymen and light vehicles usually avoid barbed wire. However, infantry armed with explosives find that, luckily, their weapons could clear a path through the barricade, and heavier vehicles could simply crush it under their tracks.

After the Second World War, difficulty with handling the wires, and the general ineffectiveness of the barriers, leads to the abandonment of barbed wire as a military barricade, though civilian farmers would still use it as an inexpensive way to keep their livestock in check.

Cut content

TDR Barbed Wire Cameo.png

Barbed wire was likely meant to be buildable in Tiberian Dawn at one point given the presence of its cameos, left unused, in all iterations of the game. It would have cost $50.



DOS English French German
RA DOS BarbedWire icon.png RA1 Barbed Wire Icons.gif RA BarbedWire FR cameo.png RA BarbedWire DE cameo.png

Unused Tiberian Dawn cameos:

DOS English Textless
TD DOS BarbedWire icon.png TD BarbedWire cameo.png TD BarbedWire EU cameo.png

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