A Soviet Barracks (Red Alert iPhone) can train only six infantry units during the Post-War Crisis to be used by the Soviet Commander in charge for his campaign against the Allied Forces in Europe.


Alexander Romanov removed the old Soviet Barracks because of the Time Machine. With his power in it and Bronislav recruited, the General told him that a new Barracks is about to be here. This Barracks is descripted as a two-doored manhole with four air conditional units, four ladders including the one at the back of the building, four smaller gas cylinders, a star on the side and a speaker for any purposes to Allied soldiers attacking their base. After the odds were made with even, Romanov trained six units of soldiers including a Commando named Natasha.


Colonel Anatoly Cherdenko used the same Barracks from before to defeat both the Japanese in Asia and then, the Allies in Europe including their last headquarters in New York. All units gained their changes including the Engineer changing its name to a Combat Engineer. By the time of the Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3: Uprising, Mortar Cycles could be made here, but only for a general purpose to be built from a War factory and the Desolator would be the next infantry unit on the Soviets' campaign against FutureTech in Romania, Siberia, Mexico and Sigma Island.

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