The infantry Barracks is used by the GDI to train GDI infantry and Officers, much like the Hand of NOD would train NOD infantry and Officers. In the multiplayer game, the Infantry Barracks is used to change characters, refill ammunition, purchase vehicles (which are spawned at the Weapons Factory), and purchase the Orbital Ion Cannon Beacon.


The Infantry Barracks resembles two small aluminum hangar structures stuck side by side length-wise with one door at the front of each "hanger". Two curved waist-high sandbag walls with razor wire coiled on top of the sandbags are stationed at the front of the Infantry barracks. Inside the Infantry Barracks are two status panels on the left, right, and rear walls, the Master Control Terminal (MCT) at the back of the building, and in the mulitplayer game rests a beacon pedistal near the back that is being guarded by Sydny Mobius.

In the tutorial mission, the structure is different from the multiplayer model in that the tutorial model has a door located at the left-back corner leading to a shooting range, a lack of a beacon pedistal, an elevator located on the left side that leads to the basement floor that houses MCT along with some health and ammo, and some health and armor packs to the side of the elevator that may be used to replenish armor and health from the previous "tutorial" segment with Sydny Mobius.

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