Barracks (Tiberium Wars)

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TW gameicon.png KW gameicon.png
CNCTW Barracks Cameo.png
TW Barracks.png
Internal name GDIBarracks
Affiliation CNC3 GDI logo.png GDI
CNCKW Steel Talons Logo.png Steel Talons
Role Infantry training
Tier 1
Hit points 3000
Armor type Light (100% Cannon, 50% Rocket, 100% Grenade, 25% Gun, 1% Sniper)
Cost $500
Build time 0:05
Produced by GDI construction yard
Requires GDI power plant
Hotkey F3
Sight range 5
Power -5
Produces GDI Infantry
Allows GDI war factory
Guardian cannon

The Barracks is a GDI structure designed to provide living quarters for soldiers, as well as store their equipment. Generally simple, they are designed to hold large numbers of soldiers comfortably, with most of their facilities located underground. This generation of Barracks was designed immediately after the Firestorm Conflict and was first seen in 2034.


GDI base camps are created using highly portable, modular buildings. This allows for easy construction and tear-down of shelters in harsh climates and remote locations. Personnel stationed at GDI bases will find themselves protected from Tiberium contamination and ion storms due to their durable armour plating, but will not have access to advanced weaponry without the support of an Armory.

Produced infantry

Icon Unit Requirements Ability
CNCTW Rifleman Squad Cameo.png Rifleman squad none

Dig in
Call for transport

CNCTW Missile Squad Cameo.png Missile squad none Call for transport
CNCTW Engineer Cameo.png Engineer GDI and ZOCOM only Capture structures
Repair structures and bridges
Call for transport
CNCKW Combat Engineer Cameo.png Combat engineer Steel Talons only Capture structures
Repair structures and bridges
Call for transport
CNCTW SniperSquad Cameo.png Sniper team Armory
GDI and ZOCOM only
Spot area for Juggernaut bombardment
Call for transport
CNCTW Grenadier Cameo.png Grenadier squad Command Post Clear garrisoned structure
EMP grenades
Call for transport
CNCTW Zone Trooper Cameo.png Zone troopers Tech Center
GDI only
Call for transport
CNCKW Zone Raider Cameo.png Zone raiders Tech Center
ZOCOM only
Call for transport
CNCTW GDI Commando Cameo.png Commando Armory
Tech Center
GDI and ZOCOM only
Call for transport



  • Each Barracks have a walkway, where a Sergeant patrols. Although armed, he does not fire on enemies. He reuses the model originally made for an early "Blue Zone" version of the Commando. If the Barracks is heavily damaged, the walkway will be damaged and the Sergeant patrolling will disappear in thin air.


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