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Battle Royale is a side challenge for Commander's Challenge.


As the battle takes place in the Caribbean Sea, the Commander finds himself with all three Imperial Commanders who wanted to find out who is the last one standing. Shinzo's family will not be dishonored by three Imperial presences as Kenji wants the island to be a summer palace for himself and Takara apologizes to all three men because she reserved it for her summer party which they wouldn't mind about it. The FutureTech Commander believed the party should be over by now and smashes all three bases in par time. The three Commanders were defeated, causing many pockets of resistance in locations that the Commander had to return to and just one Allied country is holding an Imperial Shogun to finish the victors off once and for all. It seems that the Allied country itself is South Africa.


  • The name of the mission is a reference to Battle Royale, a Japanese novel about junior high students who were forced to fight to the death in a program run by the authoritarian Japanese government.
  • When the FutureTech commander defeated all of the Imperial Commanders. Shinzo, Kenji and Takara are having different reasons:
    • Shinzo - Kenji, Takara and the Commander shows disrespect to him.
    • Kenji - filled with outsider's filth.
    • Takara - Forces to change all of her plans for her summer party.
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