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Battle drone

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Affiliation Usa.gif United States
Role Support drone
Armament Machine gun
Hit points 100 (150 with Drone Armor)
Armor type Tank Armor
Cost $200
Build time 0:05
Hotkey B
Ground attack 1 (Small Arms)
Cooldown 100
  • 40 (20 if badly damaged)
  • 140 (when repairing)
Attack range 110
Sight range 150
Drone Armor
Abilities Repairs parent vehicle
  • Strong vs infantry
  • Weak vs vehicles, aircraft, anti-air
  • Automatically destroyed when parent vehicle is destroyed

The battle drone is one of the most common American drones used during the War against the GLA.


The drone is armed with a small machine gun effective against enemy infantry, as well as a repair torch, which allows it to repair its parent vehicle.

Because of its autonomous nature, it cannot be ordered to land for a repair, meaning that when damaged, it can only be repaired by an Ambulance (Zero Hour only) or automatically by a captured Tech Repair Bay. Though the drone's disposable nature means this is hardly a concern.

Due to its airborne nature, an EMP can cause it to crash into the ground, destroying it instantly.


The new drone armor has been installed, sir!
- Crusader tank pilot
DroneArmorIcon.png Drone Armor Boosts up Battle Drones' armor by 25%. Purchasable at any Strategy Center for $500


  • Zero Hour patch 1.03:
    • increased vehicle repair rate from 5 to 10 hit points per second
    • reduced drone armour upgrade from 50% to 25% (Alexander only)

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  • It seems that the Airforce General was originally supposed to be able to build individual Battle Drones. This was likely cut because of the weak weapons and the fragility of the drones.
  • The Battle Drone of the Superweapon General was originally going to have a point defense laser upgrade, which would allow it to intercept enemy missiles. This was likely cut for balancing reasons.
Point Defense Drone.
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