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Usable by any USA vehicle, the Battle Drone fires a small machine gun at targeted enemies and, when needed, repairs its parent vehicle. It cannot be used in conjunction with the Scout Drone.
- Generals manual(src)

The battle drone is one of the most common American drones used during the GLA Conflict.

Game Unit[]

The Battle Drone is equipped with a machine gun that is moderately effective against infantry and can repair its parent vehicle if the latter is stationary. It always prioritizes attacking enemy units over performing repairs.

As with all USA Drones, it is an airborne unit that can be destroyed by EMP effects. It is purchased individually per vehicle and cannot be used in conjunction with other Drones on the same vehicle. It will follow its parent vehicle until its own destruction, at which point another Drone of any type can be brought again. if the parent vehicle is destroyed, the Drone is destroyed as well. The drone will also be destroyed if the parent vehicle has its crew removed by Jarmen Kell's Sniper Attack ability, the Nuke Cannon's Neutron Shells or if the vehicle runs over Neutron Mines. It can only be repaired by an Ambulance (in Zero Hour only) or a Tech Repair Bay.


The new drone armor has been installed, sir!
- Crusader tank pilot
DroneArmorIcon Drone Armor Boosts up Battle Drones' armor by 25%. Purchasable at any Strategy Center for $500


  • Zero Hour patch 1.03:
    • increased vehicle repair rate from 5 to 10 hit points per second
    • reduced drone armour upgrade from 50% to 25% (Alexander only)


Laser Drone Picture

Unused icon for Point Defense Drones

  • Malcolm Granger was to additionally possess Battle Drones as independent units not tied to any vehicle, likely cut due to their redundancy.
  • Alexis Alexander was to possess Battle Drones with Point Defense Lasers before they were cut for balance.

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