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The battleship is a capital warship used by the Global Defense Initiative during the Third Tiberium War. It was used to great effect in the defense of the GDI naval port at Hampton Roads, North Carolina and the assault on the Nod base at Alexandria, Egypt.


The battleship is not a new idea. The concept dates back millennia to the biremes and triremes of ancient Greece and the adaptations used by ancient Rome more than 3,000 years ago. But while the concept and function of such a vessel has remained unchanged, tactics and design have evolved to fit the preferences of those using it.





The GDI Battleship is a streamlined vessel, similar in design to an arrow, with the ship's superstructure rising in the middle. It is equipped with four side-mounted deck guns for dealing with regular naval threats, two anti-air missile launchers and a short range ballistic missile launcher that deals tremendous damage to all ground targets. What's more, the missiles can be accurately guided to their target by a GDI Sniper Team.

Game unit

Battleships are static assault units that are only seen in the GDI missions at Langley AFB and during the Hampton Roads liberation. GDI battleships fire when Sniper Teams call in fire support. When enemies are close enough, battleships are able to fire a strong, albeit imprecise barrage. This is only seen in action in the mission at Langley AFB. In all other missions, GDI battleships are idle and serve mainly as destructible objects.

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