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25px-Disambig This article is about the battleship in the Generals Universe. For more uses, see battleship.

Naval support, awaiting orders.
- Battleship

The battleship was a naval artillery platform used by the United States during the GLA Conflict. Its primary weapons were six long range guns in two triple-barrelled turrets. They were used for shore bombardment in preparation for amphibious landings, and also escorted aircraft carriers. They had very strong firepower and could destroy a light structure in one hit.


Battleships supported a search and destroy operation against GLA training camps on Kazakhstan's Caspian coastline. Some were caught in the biochemical missile attack on the US naval base in Northern Europe. Most of the fleet survived. Battleships escorted the aircraft carrier USS Daedalus to Somalia to ensure the delivery of food and medical aid to the civilian population.

Battleships of the US Mediterranean Fleet were docked at Matala, Crete when the GLA captured the base's particle cannon and destroyed the USS Reagan. The ships were not operational at the time.

Game unit[]

Clear those targets!
- Battleship

In most appearances the battleship either is not controllable by the player or acts as scenery. An exception is during the second USA mission, Defending the Docks, in Zero Hour where players may direct battleship fire. It is possible to destroy one in this mission, but it requires a massive amount of battleship fire (it takes six bombardments to even scratch it).


  • In reality, the US Navy's last battleships, the four members of the Iowa-class, were decommissioned by 1992. The last of this class was stricken from the Naval Vessel Register by 2006, all four ships have been released and donated to non-profit organizations who opened them as museums.
  • These in-game battleships have the 2x3 configuration for their main guns, more akin to the "Pocket Battleships" used by the Kriegsmarine in World War II. In contrast, many World War II-era US Navy battleships and cruisers featured the triple turret nine-gun (3x3) configuration. However, many post-war battleship and cruiser modernization proposal required the dismantling of one or more turrets.
  • The in-game battleships are very poorly armed by battleship standard, having only 2x3 (6 total) 150mm cannons. For example, Fargo-class light cruisers, used by US Navy in the late 1940s, sported 4x3 (12 total) 15 2mm cannons.

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